COVID-19 Discussion (No Politics)

Sounds great, thanks. What’s interesting is that I don’t feel ill at all, so it’s hard to convince myself to restrict my activities. But doing so does make sense. I’ll do my best.

We’re headed into day 4 of our quarantine and I know exactly what you mean.

Technically I’m allowed to go places with a mask because I tested negative. But we are all staying in place to do our part. I’m showing no symptoms but I need to go and help out an elderly friend tomorrow (hopefully) and it seems improbable that I’m not infected. So I’m going to get tested to make sure it is safe for me to help her. Fingers crossed I’m still (and actually) negative.


I should clarify that what I meant by “restrict my activities” was trying to rest and not work, do chores, etc. I want to get work done because I feel fine, but I will try to step back for a couple of days. It’s best for my longer-term health.

@RockerUte, I absolutely get what you are saying. I have been told to self-isolate, so there’s no wiggle room for me. But my wife, who has no symptoms, is supposed to self-quarantine. That’s hard, especially when someone needs her.

Another negative test for me and my wife. The original daughter who had it is now negative, my other daughter now has it… I hope this doesn’t play hopscotch through my family.


A friend of mine has an adult daughter living at home. She was infected at work, but during the good ol’ Delta days six or so weeks ago. They isolated her to her room, nailed the door shut, put a sign on the door saying the place was contaminated, slide food under the door, and the daughter employed a bucket for a few days. Well, some of that was actually true. :rofl: But they survived, the daughter got well, no one else in the household got Covid. It can be done, but with Omicron, its going to be more difficult.

We’re now up to 15 of our 27 immediate family that live in Utah who have tested positive for covid. One is a second case, so that’s 16 cases among 27 people. Three were in 2020. Five, including me, were in 2021. All the rest are this year. Obviously the 2020 cases weren’t vaccinated, but all except two since have occurred post vaccination.

I remember being told how full of it I was when I passed on the prediction my doctor step son made early in 2020 that half of us were going to get it. (Interestingly, he’s exposed to covid patients nearly every day he works and is the only one in his family of four who hasn’t gotten it.) That prediction isn’t looking too far off these days, even with Utah’s numbers going to be artificially low with the limited testing.

Thank God for vaccines so that new cases are usually minor.


This of course will be anecdotal evidence, but my household might be an interesting test case. My wife, son and I have tested negative multiple times. If we have had it we’ve been asymptomatic. All three of us have been vaccinated and boosted. My oldest daughter was scheduled to be boosted tomorrow (she is 14 and that was the earliest we could schedule it). She was the first to be infected, other than a runny nose she was asymptomatic too. My 11yo daughter tested positive today. She has had a bad sore throat and fever and a little fatigue. She is under 12 (of course) and not eligible for a booster - she just barely got vaccinated a couple months ago.

My daughter who had it first (the 14yo) was tested positive at school - had no idea. Over 10% of the school tested positive - my guess is it was probably closer to 20%. Its burning through our community like wildfire.

But if this holds out it would seem the booster does dramatically increase immunity - as tests have shown. Too early to tell, but if nothing else it seems it has at least stemmed it for a time and/or made it asymptomatic for us. I’ll take it.


I agree. I am quite glad that I was fully vaccinated when Omicron came my way.


Getting fully vaccinated in Utah sucks! I wanted the free beer that was being given away in some places. :joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Ok, kidding. Just grateful to have been able to get vaccinated.

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1% off your tithing for one month!

I want free beer.

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As a person who does not tithe, your offer is meaningless.:joy::joy::joy:


So if I’m understanding these new COVID rules correctly, @LAUte is now paying @NewbombTurk’s tithing while @Greginslc is sending 10% of all his beer to me.

Wait, maybe this flowchart is upside down… :wink:


If you guys would just pay your tithing we would’ve had free beer for everyone who wanted it. It’s your fault.

Here’s the University of Utah’s simple, clear guidance to students and faculty who test positive. Thought I’d pass it along.

Follow the 5-5-5

The Omicron surge is setting records for case counts in Utah and nationwide. Transmissions of this variant are extremely high, with each new infection creating on average more than two new additional infections. These new infections then go on to infect two or more people and so forth, creating a powerful multiplying effect. As is occurring in other parts of the country and world, we anticipate a sharp drop will follow this sharp rise in cases.

If you test positive for COVID, you need to do the following:

  • Isolate for five days.*
  • Test again with a rapid antigen test five days after the initial test.
  • Mask for five days when around others after the isolation period is over.

As with all guidelines, you need to take your personal circumstances into account. If you are still experiencing symptoms on day six, you should remain isolated. If your test on day five still shows a viral load, you should take the appropriate action to not infect others. The University of Utah Contact Tracing Team will give you guidance based on your circumstances. Follow their advice.

The 5-5-5 rule should also be followed by those who are exposed to COVID-19 and who have not been vaccinated against the virus, or who have not been boosted but are eligible for a booster shot. Again, that means that if you are exposed to somebody who has COVID-19, you should:

  • Stay home for five days.
  • Take a rapid antigen test on day five.
  • Wear a mask for five more days when around others.

So I’m on day 5 of isolating in my room and still waiting for my PCR test results 4 days ago. Hopefully I get them so I can take a rapid antigen test today that I just got free from CO ;). I plan on not going anywhere really but masking around the house except in my home office - my 2 youngest haven’t had any symptoms while my daughter tested positive and my wife tested negative but believe it was too early (she tested with my daughter and only had symptoms the next day but was in her room for 2 days before results came, so definitely had it).

Edit: Finally got my PCR test results back (4 days) now that I’m feeling fine. Negative. Just took a BinaxNow home test. Positive. Another small data point that too early or nasal might not catch Omicron right away. A negative test just says it wasn’t detected at that time, not that you don’t have it.


I’ve been reading The Big Rock Candy Mountain by Wallace Stegner. In it, the Mason family lives in a small town in southern Saskatchewan during the 1918 flu pandemic. Characters in the book isolate, wear masks and request that someone stay 6 feet away. The book was written in 1943. Yet we still can’t figure this out.


Half of America doesn’t read. That there’s the problem.


Stegner is great, btw.


A Ute Alum as well.