COVID-19 Discussion (No Politics)

I’m actually relieved they are legit.

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I hope you are well and feel well treated cared for

Concerned for you, and hope you feel well treated and cared for as well

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Astonishing numbers.

Total US deaths attributed to Covid19 are now above 860,000. Daily deaths are approaching 3,000 while the 7-day average is over 2,100. The overall Covid mortality in the US is now 1.3%, a drop from ~1.7% a year ago.

Yesterday, the number of new daily infections exceeded 801,000, a record, as we see even among our tribe here. The 7-day average is over 790,000, a record as well. In three weeks, the number of daily deaths will reflect these record breaking numbers.

Hospitalizations also are shattering records, with nearly 157,000 hospitalized in a trend that is going straight up.

Looks like we have done really well.


America’s reaction:




I continue to be impressed by the non-sports writing of one of our best local sports writers, who was repurposed by the Trib during the early months of the Pandemic only to discover that he had a real knack for communicating information way beyond sports (mathematics education helps). This is behind a paywall, but access is easy with an Incognito browser if you don’t subscribe.

I have a brother who is an anti-vaxxer, and reads almost nothing but specialty anti-vax web forums, and another brother who is a stanch Trump supporter, and reads almost nothing. They both get the headlines from FoxNews and form most of their opinions based upon them. I send each of them links to Andy’s pieces and I know that they at least occasionally read them and get some kernel of reality.

Excerpt from his intro:

Often, we have to communicate shaded ideas in a world where it’s just easier to remember ideas in black or white.

And this creates a problem: most people consider themselves better wordsmiths than number crunchers. And yet, sometimes, in communicating changing or proportional ideas, words just aren’t the right tool for the task. Numbers are.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in a large portion of the public’s misunderstanding — accidental or otherwise — of the coronavirus. That the omicron variant is “more mild” than previous variants is taken to mean that “omicron is mild.” That masks prevent some amount of transmission, but not most of it, is taken to mean that masks don’t work. And when it’s said that the vast majority of people survive the virus, many take that to mean that they’re okay to live with vast impunity.

So when people read articles on vaccine efficacy, and see that the vaccine is “less effective” against omicron, many take that as “the vaccines are ineffective.” It’s just too easy to subtly shift the meaning of words and phrases, even unintentionally.


Hmm. They are seeing 2nd cases of Omicron and that natural immunity from other variants and even Omicron fade pretty fast. That’s not good. Vaccines still help vastly reduce hospitalizations amd death. So maybe this Omicron tailored vaccine/booster Pfizer is talking about coming out in March will be needed by more than we think.

NBC Bay Area: Omicron Can Strike More Than Once: Bay Area Infectious Disease Experts.

Andy Larsen has been fantastic. He links to this PDF of statistics from the UK and it is pretty amazing actually.

Bottom line, if you wanna stay out of the hospital get vaccinated. Best odds of asymptomatic infection is to get boosted.


“Masks don’t work”
“Were all gonna get it anyway”
“Children cant get it”
“Granma/Granpa are old/it’s OK to go now”
"I will put on shoes and a shirt, not smoke inside, not solicit businesses, and obtain drivers license, car car insurance, wear seat belts, life jackets, helmets, use child seats, install my water heater to code, pay taxes, follow traffic laws, use federal funds for infrastructure, national defense, comply with reasonable searches at airports and transportation hubs, not drive impaired and so many innumerable, other beneficial actions for society etc…
2,000 people a day dying. that’s 911 every day
Covid is the # 3 cause of Death
1/100 people over 65 died of Covid since the pandemic
But the GOVERMENT!!!


FWIW. Hoping it is indeed a good sign.

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Fascinating technical article on Omicron…about mutations, how they evade, how the body reacts, compromised vaccines, etc.




I’ve officially tested positive for COVID. It took 5 days to get the test result. I’ve had the mildest case I can imagine. Very mild cough, very mild headache for part of one day, same for my sore throat. Symptoms lasted about 48 hours. I kept working all the way through. I’m supposed to isolate until Jan. 20. That won’t be hard since I am working from home anyway. Three cheers for the vaccine!

The contact reporting I am asked to do is interesting. Meanwhile, I’m expecting a tidal wave of sympathy from all you characters! :wink:


Triple vaccinate darn! Glad you are sailing through with a sense of humor and panache.


I’m living, breathing evidence that the vaccines work!


Sympathy??? This bunch??? :joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Glad you only got sick. Get better. There is a next season on the way.

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Exactly. You want sympathy? You’ll find it between sh!t and syphilis in the dictionary. :wink:


Aww. The language of love and sympathy is so varied and wonderful. I’m touched, @NewbombTurk and @Greginslc.


Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of fluids, eat well, and don’t do anything that will rile you up. How’s that?