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Like I said I dont live in utah but where I live in NC the stores mandated masks and everyone wore them until they werent mandated anymore. didn’t seem to stop the spread

My actions are this:

Get vaccinated (the whole family is).
If you get sick you quarantine.
If a place requests you wear a mask you wear a mask.


I feel for ya, buddy. I was introduced to the lovely world of being regularly 'scoped about 5 years ago. Not much fun…


Can you provide case data v time that shows when and where mask mandates were applied and subsequently rescinded to back this theory up or are you just guessing?


Because obviously the only possible path for exposure is at school. This shows the weakness of your conclusions. You’re mixing up data sets that have many more variables than the simplistic single variable assessment you’re trying to make.


June 2020

They lifted it in the fall 2021 sometime (I wanna say October) and have now reinstated it again.

The school system have never rescinded the mask mandate since kids went back in April of 2021. They did say that outdoors they didnt have to wear masks in November.

No I’m not… I’m simply making the point that places that didnt have mask mandate at schools and places that do pretty much have the same infection rates.

That doesn’t remotely address the question, but OK. Look, it’s clear that real data analysis isn’t really your thing.

You’ve left me with no choice but to quote a line I first heard at work probably 40 years ago: Without data you’re just an [other person] with an opinion.


Aren’t we all just posting opinions like the [other people} we are? Hey you don’t agree. I am just providing an argument that what we seem to have been trying for two years doesn’t seem to ending this. Maybe we should try another way.

You’re right. People doing what they damn well please despite recommendations and mandates isn’t working.


It’s a fallacy to put this all on masks or even on vaccines alone. There are several layers of protection and these are 2 of the better ones - build your body’s resistence and keep your germs to yourself. Masking has actually done marvelously well in places to drastically slow the spread (probably never going to stop it with masking alone), you just have to look outside of the US because we do a piss poor job choosing to do something so simple for someone else OR following a mandate. Data presented above shows there are degrees to how good masks are (cloth, surgical, N95, nose bridge/better seal vs not) and how they are worn (just over the mouth).

Sure, we could declare - no one wear a mask and just get through the purge more quickly (again, just our country) because it will get to those that are vulnerable or perhaps we are ready to just let those that have had time to get vaccinated (not all CAN) to get their due. Let’s just throw gas on the fire and not layer any protections in. Let’s lower ventilation back down. Let’s not distance. Let’s not require vaccinations or negative tests to attend stuff. Let’s wash our hands less (still baffles me seeing people leave bathrooms without washing their hands … during a pandemic). Let’s go back to work and it’s OK to cough or have sniffles because it shows your loyalty and hey, it helps spread this quicker. All this will overload healthcare systems - hospitalizations are at the highest they have ever been.

Round and round we go, a lot due to behaviors. It’s a pandemic for a reason. And there’s lots of reasons why our country has done the absolute worst in handling it. It’s incredibly complex and arguing about something silly like should we or shouldn’t we have a mask mandate and enforce it just seems so trivial.

I truly hope Omicron does peak quickly and runs out of hosts and this is it - our shift to endemic and any future variant is even milder.

As for me and my house, we’ve been vaxxed to the max, are maskers even when it’s not popular (but always inside), stay home when sick (I’m literally isolating in my room while awaiting covid test results) to not spread it 1, to others outside our home and 2, to those within it if possible.


Then you need to defend your claim. I defended mine with a study from the JAMA. That’s a pretty good source.


I’ve been ordering them online for more than a year, getting good quality, and (other than having to deal with Amazon, or other shippers) have been enjoying the increased safety for myself and for those around me. They were impossible to get early on in the pandemic, but they are easily obtainable now so I’m not certain why everyone isn’t wearing them.

I have a large supply, so I change them frequently as well. The minute I was out of the Rose Bowl arena, I threw both masks I had been wearing away and put on fresh ones.

If you have to put on a mask, you might as well get as much benefit as possible.


Your point is that cloth masks are effective. I agree with that. I agree if everyone wore their mask and wore it correctly they would curb some transmission. My point is we cant get people to wear them or wear them correctly so we should try something different.

Maybe its mandates with “more teeth” (I personally don’t think that there is any reasonable way to make that work). Where I lived the application of the mandate was pretty strict. For example, Costco had a person in the front who would turn you away if you didn’t have a mask. Other stores seemed vigilant about it as well. Did NC do better than Florida or Utah? I think they did about the same.

I like to compare Sweden with NC (similar geographic size and population size) and Sweden did better than NC (Deaths as my metric) and they were famously lax about mask mandates. Its not perfect because the make ups of the population are different but an interesting comparison to me.

Here’s a chart on relative mask effectiveness v time exposures and various combinations of mask usage for both the person exposing and the person being exposed. This was just Tweeted out by Dr. Angela Dunn.


Purchased KN95’s online. They came in handy today.

It’s all about the probabilities. This excerpt from The Statistics of Coin Tosses for Theater Geeks - JSTOR Daily

In Stoppard’s scene, the bit actors Rosencrantz and Guildenstern kill time during a production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet by betting on coin tosses. Guildenstern flips a florin and Rosencrantz predicts that it will land as heads. It does. Guildenstern spins another coin and it lands as heads again. After Rosencrantz has successfully bet heads 77 times in a row, Guildenstern proclaims that, “A weaker man might be moved to re-examine his faith, if in nothing else at least in the law of probability.” He ends up flipping heads 92 times in a row. Forsooth, what are the odds?

The likelihood of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s scenario actually happening is 1 in 5 octillion, a probability so small that it is practically impossible to imagine. According to NOAA’s website, it is more likely that a person in the United States will be struck by lightning four times in one year than repeat the results of Guildenstern’s coin tossing. The 92 heads in a row is, however, more likely to happen than randomly shuffling a deck of cards and discovering that they appear sorted.

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Alert. Rocker gave my wife and I a package of KN95 masks. Beware, it is estimated that 50% of KN95 masks, and maybe N95 masks, are counterfeit. The ones Rocker provided us at the Rose Bowl because he did not want to sit by a virus vessel (kidding!) are genuine. I checked today, after wearing it for over a week here and there. The brand he provided is SupplyAid, made in China as are all KN95 masks.

See this: Counterfeit N95 masks are everywhere. Here's how to spot them - CNN Video

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