Could Rising play in the bowl game?

I know certain players have played in bowl games without it affecting their redshirt year, I believe the NCAA ruled that bowl games don’t count as a regular season game when it comes to eligibility.

So if his knee if healed, could he play in the bowl game?

Don’t know the answer. But in my mind, there’s no reason to risk it. Go with the guys that got you to the bowl game. I would hate to have him get injured in a game that doesn’t have any effect on next year’s schedule. Save him for next year.


It won’t happen. The program still has to go through the formality of applying for his medical redshirt, which they can’t do until the season is over.


I hope not. Let’s save his body for the real games when we march through the Big 12 and beat the living crap out of the Zoobs.

If we were going to a New Years Six game, I’d have a different comment, obviously.


Rising should not risk himself for anything this year.


Not applicable anyway. You can play and still get a regular redshirt, but not a medical redshirt (the one Cam is getting). Two different things with different rules.