Reactions to P5 Conferences Cancelling Non-Con Games

I’ve only had time to glance at the coug board, it’s predictably in full meltdown mode.

Somewhere in Provostan after the announcements their P5 games got dropped,



They are crazy people.

It’s funny how it’s all a conspiracy, disingenuous, makes no sense (to everyone but them), and it goes on and on. Crazy People.

But I go back to something ol’ Mr. Crimson posted many years ago about their pride and hoping they would go independent because they’re so prideful (this was some time before 2003). I always remembered that post because I thought it’d never happen because they couldn’t be that dumb or crazy.

The thing about being in a conference is that it’s not only about the good times, but also the bad times. You won’t always be on top, you won’t always bring in the most revenue, but they get caught up in wanting to rule a conference like they’re Texas and all the money they can keep by not being in a conference (really only amounts to a few million extra max). They’ll cry and moan that no one could have predicted this, but everyone in fact did. When you’re down, you need to lean on your conference mates and they decided that they didn’t want or need anyone else. So now they sit in the cold like the crazy homeless guy I see mumbling about conspiracies and how unfair everyone and everything is to them.

Couldn’t have happened to a better bunch.


Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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They’ll feel better when all the games are canceled. Non conference, conference, bowls, none of it is happening.

You must be fun at parties. Let us enjoy this while we can.



Could be on perpetual loop in Provo.

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Continued giggle fodder:

“We should treat and discuss the cancelled Utah as a forfeit, officially and in general conversation”



  • “We are 5 wins and zero losses and the season hasn’t even begun”

  • “This is dumb. Real men wouldn’t try to claim a forfeit over a canceled game”

  • “This may be one of the most desperate little brother posts I’ve ever read on CB”

  • “Can’t beat them on the field when it really matters, so why not?”

  • “When is the parade?”


Due to all the delusional ■■■■ piling into the system, here is a recent video of the exploding ■■■■ storm happening in ProvOrem now.

Can you imagine how big the meltdown would be if this year’s game had been in provo? They would have gotten the legislature involved to get next year’s game in provo.

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You may be right but parties aren’t allowed right now. Whatever my party strengths or weaknesses are, you know I’m right. Football aint happening.

I can guarantee they will insist next year’s game is still played in Provo.

Oh, that’s already happening. And nary a peep from them about any unfairness that we didn’t get our home game.

In addition, they are saying they win this year because we forfeited.

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The only record that will reflect that is the one from cooterboard. Which is fine.

Brett McMurphy reported that if a P5 School needs a game it will have to be from another P5 conference.