Cotton Bottom Update

I was driving by the Cotton Bottom midday today, and noticed people in the building and parking lot, and decided to stop and ask for an update. I was [primarily concerned about the old 1900 era house to the west of the restaurant, and was going to offer to buy and move the building, but was very pleased to hear that they have no intention of demolishing it, but rather incorporating it into the future restaurant landscape.

Here’s what I learned:

  1. COVID has taken a toll in the time line and plans for the updated business. Some of the original plans are on hold, temporarily, but once the pandemic is behind us they will move back to the original expansion plans.
  2. For now, they hope to refurbish the original building, and expand the outside eating area onto the substantial grounds, allowing for significant outside dinning.
  3. They are hoping for an early November opening - I know, everyone’s first thought will be about outside dining in Holladay, Utah, in November - but since I have not had food at any restaurant since March, my first reaction was “YESSSSS” - I can have a garlic burger and not have to drive home to eat it!!!

That’s the latest - I’m sure FFU will be pleased, and I know there are many others here who have been visiting the Cotton Bottom for decades. (I started my short career as a guitarist, accompanying a cute blond, 17 year old singer there in about 1973.)

Wow! What a great experience and story.

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…That’s crazy, I was just there a few days ago and it didn’t look like they had started any construction at all. November 2020??

We rode our bikes past there last Friday and there were people working then.

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I drove by today. They were working on both buildings and the parking lot, and had signs up saying “Opening late 2020”.

@FlyfishingUte will be pleased. I don’t care if I have to had my beer, garlic burger and fries in the cold in November in the parking lot, as long as I get them…

Any updates on the Busy Bee?

Nope. I was in Yellowstone for a week and got back yesterday I haven’t been by there lately and my tenant hasn’t said anything. Sorry