Cool Skateboard event coming to SLC

Announced on Tony Hawk’s IG.

I’m not much into skateboarding, but this sounds interesting. Could be fun to watch.

couldn’t help but think of this for those of us who haven’t been on a skateboard in awhile

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Thanks for the heads-up, will definitely try to get my daughter out to see that. She’s been trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to get into skateboarding, and while I skated a ton as a kid, I’m finding I can’t show her how to do any of those cool tricks now that I’m in my late-40’s.

Tony Hawk, I am not. lol

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I am sure it will be a great show. Hope the kids and old snoogans enjoy it.

It’s definitely a young person’s sport. I didn’t know how young until now. Grom is not the pejorative it used to be.

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