Congratulations on the win. I was reasonably close on the score prediction

Well fought, and well played.


Yes indeed. Good game. It has been enjoyable having you on the board too. I hope the rest of the season goes well for you.


Hope folks recover and bond in the Fla pocket after a remarkable storm. Please continue to contribute and invite your buddies.
We have lots of tape to review for an excellent, albeit inconsistent first game.
Go Gaiters


Thanks! There is definitely a heap load of talent on your team and they’ll continue to improve and make waves in the SEC down the road.

Good luck the rest of the way and thanks for hanging out on the forum!


Thanks for being a class act, RR.

I thought UF looked like they were playing a Game 1, and we looked like we had this game circled from last year.

Hope Gators make the Game 1 > Game 2 jump and you guys have a nice season. There’s a lot of talent to come together.


I would like to say the same. Congratulations on the win. I was very impressed with Utah’s team. I hope y’all run the table in the PAC-12.


Napier is going to get it turned around. Hopefully, the Gators give this guy the shot he deserves.


Just a follow up to my initial post.

First, again I want to congratulate Utah. The Utes were the better team, and they certainly have a better coaching staff. Losing to Utah is no embarassment, but the way the team looked is totally a coaching disaster.

I wanted a team that looked liked it knew what it was trying to do, but we did not get that. We got awful special teams play. Not enough men on the field, people wearing the same numbers on the field, shanked punts and missed chip shot field goals.

The OL sucked out loud. I know Utah is good against the run, but they were also dreadful in pass protection. We have two OL coaches, and one wonders what they have been doing all spring and summer.

Oh, and the stupid penalties in the worst possible times. That is on the coaches.

Oh, and the fair catching punts inside the ten…swell. That is on the coaches.

If there is a bright side, Mertz looked ok. He isn’t that mobile, and well…Utah knew this. But he did ok.

The defense did ok, outside of that first play, but good for Utah going deep. WTH right, you are at home.

Again, no issue losing to Utah, but I wanted a team in UF that looked what it knew what it was doing, and sadly, they just didn’t and a critical times. That is very disturbing, and makes me sad because I like Napier, as he seems like a genuinely good guy, and represents UF very well. But even I wonder if he has what it takes, because that was a crap product on the field too many times.

I have a bad feelilng we are going to get boat raced in the SEC, and that will be very bad for Napier.


If it were up to me, I would give him a third year regardless, but he can’t be stubborn like his predecessor. He needs a real OC. The play calling was terrible, and wrong personnel at times, and I don’t care how good Utah is against the run, there is no situation where those two backs we have only have 10 rushing attempts combined.


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First, thanks for the props.

Second, opening on the road with an inexperienced group of players is always an adventure. With all the fresh faces learning to play as a unit, it can be a big challenge.

The O-line was clearly having issues throughout the game. The false starts and formation penalties are the kinds of mental mistakes that are not uncommon, especially when the #1 Center is out. When he gets back they will play a lot better.

The defense has some promise, but needs some quicks in the line play. The problem with the 3-3-5 defense is the 3 have to be the biggest, ugliest, fastest guys they can be to open the gaps for the LB’s and Safeties to attack. That didn’t happen a lot. That said, they are young and they will learn.

As we had adventures in kicking last season, it appears you have them this year. Fixing this is a lot harder than most think it is. We got spoiled with great kickers for a while, so when average came to play, we had to learn what it was to not see automatic points or a flipping of the field. Hopefully they get better.

It’s only the first game. If they clean up the mistakes they will be fine.


I don’t remember a game where the opposition helped us more than Florida did. The OL penalty was a cornucopia that just kept on giving. The double #3 on the field was a once-in-a-lifetime deal. How many fans even knew about this possible penalty? I certainly did not.

All of this seems amenable to improvement. You have some stellar WRs and your QB can throw the ball. The O line can’t be that bad again regarding the penalties can they? That 430 lb defensive tackle is going to continue being effective clogging up the middle when needed. Your linebackers look the part.

At any rate it was a lot of fun having a series with Florida. Good luck the rest of the way!