Congrats to the Red Rocks for their repeat PAC-12 Championship!

Why was the event at the hockey arena instead of the Huntsman Center?

Congrats to the gym team. I watched a meet earlier this year with UCLA in LA and the announcers were so much in the bag for UCLA it was sickening. Hopefully, the broadcast of the event treated our champions a bit better.

2 reasons, the maverik center is a ‘neutral site’ and the huntsman center floor isn’t really big enough to hold quad meets like this (4 judges per event instead of 4 judges total…)

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I think there is a third reason which is the ability to put the equipment on an elevated platform the way nationals will be. Good practice for that environment.


That’s the real reason.

The JMHC isn’t big enough for a podium. Which is why nationals aren’t there anymore.

Also, a podium is $100,000. The Maverik center bought one to host PAC-12’s.

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After a shaky start on floor exercise, the Red Rocks took the lead late in their regional and advanced to the round of 16. Next up vs Stanford, Michigan State, and Alabama in Seattle on Saturday night. The top 2 advance.

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2 10’s to end beam (overcoming 1 fall) and edge out a Michigan State program record 197.650. Actually, jumped Alabama as well (198.175) with a 198.200. On to Nationals!


So, who all is going to Nationals. The only ones I can confirm are Utah, Alabama, Florida, Auburn, Oklahoma, and Minnesota. Is that all of them?

Missouri and michigan as well. Utah competes with minnesota, oklahoma, and alabama. Top 2 make it to the final 4 meet. The other 4 compete for 2 spots.


OU is really good. We are likely fighting Alabama for #2 spot. Going in, Utah was ranked 4, bama 5. Just edged them tonight (even with them scoring a program best on floor). Gotta beat the best to be the best.

Mich actually has been lower than their 198+ most of the season. Don’t know if they have an injury. Florida looks amazing and had a 198.775 in their Regional Final. Auburn has Suni, but probably doesn’t have 198 potential.

Utah also was short handed tonight.

Utah can go toe to toe with anyone.

Comparing scores across the country is meaningless.

Nationals is really anyones game, especially this year.

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I guess my point was a few other teams have scored higher highs than the Red Rocks several times this year so it’ll be uphill battle to win (our best likely won’t quite be as good as UM or UF or OU’s best). But our best with a mistake or two of theirs will get it done. Very valid point though that getting them all in front of the same judges on a neutral floor will hopefully level the playing field. Scores are always a little tighter (as they should be) and the winner likely will be 198.250 or so. The winning team moght need 3-4 10s?

You’re unlikely to see that many perfect scores at nationals. You have a higher level judging panel, and 4 judges per event.

Having followed gymnastics for 30 years and having attended 10+ nationals, it’s safe to say nationals these days is really a whole new season.

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6 judges per event at nationals, 4 scored. There were 4 judges and 2 scored for regionals, which is crazy in itself because Maile and Kara had to have gotten at least 3 judges to give them 10’s to get those scores.

Yeah, brain fart after working 20 hours on my days off.

That being said, you’re still not likely to see teams with that many 10’s at nationals.

It’s interesting to look at the scoring history. While the champion has hit 198 5 times now, the runner up has only done it twice.

The change from 6 teams to 4 has brought scoring up as you don’t have teams coming out of bye rotations.

2022 is a very different year, however, as the eligibility extension has to some extent created some teams you otherwise wouldn’t have seen. For the Red Rocks….imagine if Skinner hadn’t elected to retire.

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Agreed. The parity this year is crazy. I think any of the 8 (well, maybe 7 w/o Mizzou) could take it this year.

Myk’s vault and floor scores this year would have been amazing for Utah.

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National Semis on ESPN2. Utah leads over OU, Alabama, Minn after 1 rotation (floor). End on beam, and as #1 on that apparatus, have a good chance to advance to Finals. Always make or break event. Go Red Rocks!


Killed it on vault as well. Jadyn stuck one for a huge 9.9625. Need to stay solid!

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And we advance! Bama sucked it up on vault and we take second in the session! 197.7125 for Utah, 198.1125 OU