Congrats on your likely Rose Bowl bid

I currently live out east, but I have a co-worker and a couple Utah fans at church. Overall, congrats on turning your season into a major success. I hope you all are enjoying this season because at this point I would say there is a >75% chance that Utah is going to be a part of the Rose parade. That is awesome to see 3 straight south titles and now a likely Rose Bowl. Congrats to you all.

(Not counting 2020 in the 3 straight south titles, because I don’t think that season should count against anyone)

See the thread on PAC12 bowls


Where back East do you live? Mrs. CCU and I are in Ea. NC.

Thank you, So I had some misconceptions about the Rose Bowl being forced to take the conference runnerup. I guess Utah chances at the Rosebowl are a little lower than initially expected.

Florida, near St. Petersburg.

Nice area. Haven’t been that way in years and years, but I do recall the nice beaches there.