Congrats on the win

Not that I’m shocked or surprised. The sad part is I’m not even upset about it. Thank you Utah for putting in another nail in Kevin Sumlin’s coffin. I was sad to see the scum beat Oregon for two reasons. 1) they’re the scum, they should always lose! 2) When Utah beats Oregon in the championship game it will carry a little less weight for the committee to consider.

Good luck against Colorado and Oregon.

Hey thanks for posting! Always welcome here. Hoping you guys sort out the situation soon. We are coming to understand your views on ASU and we need each other to ensure Ls in Tempe.

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I used to post quite a bit when I lived in Utah and was going to basketball and football games. The Utes are a great program to follow. There are many UofA fans that don’t like Utah but I don’t see why. At least there is one PAC-12 team I can cheer for and hope to make the playoffs without throwing up in my mouth.


We also despise ASU.