Congrats from Colorado

I don’t usually go to sites of other teams, but I was thoroughly impressed with what I saw last night. CU has laid a few eggs this season, but we played pretty well and still got thumped. Your defense is just amazing and your offense just wore us down. I’m happy some of those guys are graduating, lol.

In fact, I’d say that this Utah team is as good a Pac-12 team as we’ve seen since Oregon went to the playoff last.

It pisses me off, because since we’ve come into the conference together, Whittingham has built a program in the top tier of the conference while we’ve dicked around with terrible coaches and fallen way behind. Hopefully we finally have a coach who can keep up, who knows.

Anyway, good luck next week, the Ducks can eat ■■■■, and hopefully you guys find your way into the playoff so we can siphon off some of that dough.

Thankyou Colorado, when we came into this conference I never thought it would take nearly a decade for Utah to be into the top tier. I must have be naive to the level of competition compared to the mountain west. It’s been a great year to be a Ute! Colorado will come around. Hopefully not for another few years though.:wink:

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Thanks for posting!
Well played game. Punched us hard and fast up front. You guy’s have a lovely campus and excellent academics. We’re proud to join with you and hope to be exemplary as well.
Hope to be in Boulder for Dead & Co. This summer.
Meanwhile, our Downhill and X-Country teams should be challenging each other soon.
Go Buffs! Go UTES!