Conference Championshlp Game 2021: Utah vs. Oregon

Maybe? Dabo Sweeney still finds new ways of claiming disrespect, and he’s won 2 national titles at Clemson, been to the title game 4 times, and been to the CFP 6 times.

Utes - 31
The other beavers - 21



Cristobal made a quick trip to Miami last week to visit his ill mother (wink). Joe Moorhead is more than likely leaving too.

Utah wins comfortably.


Utah 2-0


Utes 22 - 0regon - 0


Unfinished business. Only one thing stands in the way of the Utes achieving what they originally set out to do over a year ago. Oregon.

Unfinished business. About two weeks ago, a somewhat wounded Utah team – wounded in players killed or quitting before the season really began or in injuries all teams suffer – rebuilt everything from the ground up after a 1-2 start. The offensive line in no way resembles what we saw in weeks 1, 2 and 3. The QB no longer resembles what we saw in weeks 1, 2 and 3. The defense no longer resembles what we saw in the first half of the season. ST has improved, and needs to improve more. This team wrapped in adversity has fought through early loses and found ways to improve, as their ‘call to arms’ dictates. 22% better. Every day. Every game.

Unfinished business. In RES Saturday before last a slightly favored Utah playing the highest ranked team in like forever, demolished that team on the gridiron in just about every way, shape and form. As a Duck fan who I did not know said last week when he saw my Utah sweatshirt, “Wow, that Utah team owned the Ducks, no contest.” It was that obvious.

Unfinished business. The Utes have been here before, in 2019, the final stats appear to be even, Oregon owned 11-1 Utah on the scoreboard, scoring in all four quarters. Utah coughed up the ball twice. In 2018, Washington dominated the game, Utah’s stingy defense kept them in it. The Utes coughed up the ball once, a weird pick six and the only TD scored that day.

Unfinished business. Oregon will be the same team Utah played Saturday before last. Only smarter in that defeat about what Utah football is about. I believe this Utah team is a classic example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. Utah has terrific players coming together as a team at precisely the right time. Oregon is a dangerous team, and they have exactly the same goals as Utah, beat a worthy ranked competitor, win a conference championship and represent the Pac-12 in the Rose Bowl.

Unfinished business. It’s not usual for a team to beat the same opponent twice in one season, particularly for a conference championship. In the Pac-12, it’s unusual for that not to happen. As fans we need to put out of our minds what happened on November 20. Utah is 8-1 in Pac-12 play. Oregon is 7-2, but what happened in earlier games matters not this Friday. Utah has the best offense in the conference. Utah has the stingiest defense in the conference. Utah beats conference foes by 17 points on average. Oregon, 5.5 points. In my mind, Utah is the best team in the Pac-12 at this point in the season.

Unfinished business. I believe the team captains, the coaches and vocal players are spoiling for a fight in this upcoming match up. While the team has shown some ups and downs, they have either beaten every conference team they played or lost it on a handful of mistakes. The game against Colorado, one of the worst teams in the conference, disappointed some because of the margin. Colorado did not score an offensive TD.

Unfinished business will be finished on Friday. In Utah I trust.




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Utah 27-17

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It’s been SOOO long since Kwitt won the “big one” - like Alabama more than a decade ago. And kwhtt has really never won the “big one” when favored…ever?

So yea, feeling a bit of the BUFFS ( battered Utah Football fan Syndrome). It would mean so much for the program ( and Kwhitt) to actually play from the alpha position and win.

All I know is when a more talent team ( i.e. Oregon, Texas 2019) take the Utes serious- the results are a huge gut punch. Coach’s and players fold like a house of cards.

Really hoping the Utes can play believing they are the better team as opposed to the disrespected underdog.


Utes 31 Daffy Ducks 17

Utes score 22 points in both halves, beating the Ducks 44 - 21


Utes 28 Quackers 24

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So did Oregon with the cfp on the line not take
Utah seriously two weeks ago?


I totally get what nervous Ute fans feel about this game after our disappointments. I’m one of those fans. But this team and this season just feel different to me. I believe we will win.

Now that I’ve said that, everyone can rest easy. :wink:


This is worth saying again. Utah has won way more big games in the last decade than they averaged over the previous 100+ years of the program’s existence. In 2015, Utah went to Eugene Oregon and curb-stomped #13 Oregon 62-20. (Oregon finished the season ranked #19). But that doesn’t count as a big game for reasons no one can articulate.

And, like ironman just pointed out, Oregon should have been taking Utah seriously 10 days ago. It was the game of the week on ABC, between two ranked teams, with Oregon as the Vegas underdog. But for reasons no one can articulate, it wasn’t a “big one” and Oregon didn’t take the game “serious” (sic).


Yeah, our only hope is we get the same Oregon team that didn’t really want to lock up the North 2 weeks ago, was looking ahead to their rival (now to their inevitable rematch with Ohio St.), and the one that didn’t really want to go to Dallas or Miami for CFP because that’s just stupid. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This is the year


I’m agreement with those saying Utah does win big games. Here are some thoughts on Oregon and this game:

  • Our game against Oregon three weeks ago was notable in that we didn’t have to play out of our minds, get fortunate bounces, etc. We just hammered the ball down their throat and physically dominated Oregon. There was no fluke at all about this win. I think we can do it again.

  • We are playing for a greater cause here, and our players are playing with an amazing passion. Earlier when the A Lowe tragedy occurred I said we’ll either get flattened by the tragedy or inspired by it. We’ve done the latter.

  • Whittingham has been close enough to the Rose Bowl and a PAC-12 championship now, three times in fact, that I am sure he can taste it.

These are a few reasons I think we win.

  • Oregon is also a good team with great athletes. We’ve robbed them (or maybe spared them) playing in the CFP. They’re mad, they’ll be playing for revenge.

  • It is awfully hard to beat a team twice. And we had the benefit of a home field last time, this will be on a neutral site.

  • Being a Utah fan, I’ve had my heart broken too many times in situations like these, I can’t get too excited about the possibilities. (Side note: We were at the 1998 championship game. My Dad, whose pessimism I’ve inherited, a man who hasn’t felt confident about a win ever said at halftime, ‘I think we are going to win this!’ And you know the end result, we ran out of horses, Kentucky wins. He’s never predicted a win since. This is who I am, this is where I come from.)

  • Oregon can redeem their season with a visit to the Rose Bowl. They’ve got motivation.

These are a few reasons why I think Oregon could win.



  • We have shown that we can play our game and, without mistakes, be really good.
  • We don’t need to force turnovers, but we also can’t give any. Bonus if we do have a + TO margin.
  • We have to at least be neutral on ST (better if we win), but not make stupid mistakes that give up points or give them great field position. Bonus if the idiots kick to Covey again.
  • We can play disciplined defense (which is essential with Brown and Dye) and hold them to execute perfectly. Good to contain Brown, bonus if we actually sack him.
  • I hope (and think) Utah is >50% of the fans and we make some noise to negate any feeling of an away game (which both teams are subject to). Bonus if we have 60%+
  • All we need to do is score more points than them and hold them to less points than us! :slight_smile:
  • Kyle gets his bowl record back on track. It was REALLY good, then has taken a couple years off.

I just want to break the string of four straight post-season games the wife and I have going that ended in gut-punch losses.