Concrete contractors?

Our driveway is in sore need of replacement, and amazingly we can’t find people with good references willing to take our money.

I got a good referral to a member of this board for inside remodel work, and wondered if I could get a similarly good reference for concrete work


Wish if could help - the last two times I had concrete work done, well… I would NOT recommend either.

I have a general contractor friend who might have a suggestion, I’ll ask.

Brian Hansen (BLH Construction) 801-381-1018

He is the best, Dependable, trustworthy and does a great job.

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I can’t help you with a concrete contractor but can you recommend who you used for interior remodel work? Specifically a bathroom?

I… forgot his handle. I know his name is Sean. I’ll BM you his email addy.

And fully booked until Spring. But that may be a good sign. Thank you.

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He’s essentially vanished. He was our go-to guy for rental property work and his numbers don’t work any more. He had made noises about going to Texas. I worry about him.

Yeah, I was going to mention that. I had a new garage built a couple of years ago and the company that builds them uses him exclusively to do their concrete work. He mentioned to me then that he was booked pretty heavy. I thought maybe there was a chance that local construction has slowed down some.

It’s hard to find good help lately. It was a lot easier after 2008 and we got major work done at a reasonable rate. Now I just call a handful of numbers with no luck, then put on my DIY overalls.

Sean helped me kick start a project I stalled on years prior, and now we have an awesome bathroom/walk-in closet combo. I liked him.

BM me if you like and after a chat I may know a guy.

I’ll be sending you a board mail with the contact for the guy who replaced ours at a rental. Don’t know how busy he is but it’s a lead.

I can tell you that is you get any kind of contact from a company called My Father’s Creation, a father and son team where Dad doesn’t speak English and the son is a charming young Pacific Islander named Setaleka or Seta, channel your inner Shakey Smithson and run as fast as you can. They completely botched our patio and ghosted us when we asked them to honor the 1 year warranty they claim to have.

Also, as for Sean, we likewise used him to do several fairly major projects and his work was excellent. We likewise don’t know what happened to him. We tried to contact him for some follow up work without any success. Hopefully he’s doing well somewhere.

Huskiez Landscaping seems to do good concrete work but may be pricey.

Thank you.