Compare Utah's schedule with the rest of PAC 12

A part of that uptick is the added butts in seats in the SEZ. More money…more availability for other non conference P5 schools to consider a home and home.

That said, it’s going to be a murder’s row schedule.


Home and Home may not be the way for Utah. Alabama had to go Neutral Site games for the longest time. After a decade of those we finally are getting home and home games.

@BamaFanNKY Given the big money thrown around for those neutral site games, squeezing in OOC home and home games is still going to be a little uphill for Bama.

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Well, this is their future OOC P5 games:
2021- Miami at Atlanta Chick Fil-A Kickoff
2022- Texas at Austin
2023- Texas at Tuscaloosa
2024- Wisconsin at Madison
2025- Wisconsin at Tuscaloosa
2026- West Virginia at Morgantown, Florida State at Tuscaloosa
2027- West Virginia at Tuscaloosa, Ohio State at Columbus
2028- Ohio State at Tuscaloosa, Notre Dame at South Bend
2029- Notre Dame at Tuscaloosa
2030- Georgia Tech at Ga Tech in Atlanta
2031- GT at Tuscaloosa
2032- Arizona at Tuscaloosa, Oklahoma at Norman
2033- Arizona at Tuscon, Oklahoma at Tuscaloosa
2034- Virginia Tech at Blacksburg
2035- VT at Tuscaloosa

2036 is probably when Saban retires. Saban has said he would like to add 2 P5 to every year if not 3 in OOC. He also is the only SEC coach advocating for eliminating the cupcake game for a Conference game.

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