Colorado game time?

I know the time has not been determined yet, but question to those on the board who are more familiar with this than I am:

When will the time be announced?

Anyone have any idea what what time it is likely to be scheduled?

I have several family and friends in town for Thanksgiving, and we may take a group to the game depending on game time.


Will be announced on Sunday. No idea on possible kickoff times but I’d prepare for a PAC 12 after dark time slot.

It’s 5:30 if ABC picks the game, and it’s 2:00 otherwise. My guess is 2:00 because ABC will probably pick Notre Dame/Stanford.

Thanks for the responses! I never pay any attention to the rules for selection; just go at the time the game is scheduled. In this case, friends and family in town will be much more likely to go to one of these earlier times, than an 8:30 game.

Go Utes!

BTW - it is REALLY fun to have people in town from all over the country, for the holiday, and EAGER to go a UTE game. Seems everyone, everywhere is aware of how well our Utes are doing and want to join in!

I love my Utes, but if I was serving the market interest only, I would probably pick Stanford/Notre Dame as well.

Historically this has been an afternoon game. I hope it is this time. I’ll need a break from turkey sandwiches.

Selfishly I hope it’s at 5-6 because I’m on a plan in the middle of the day. Would suck to miss it. Wonder if it’s possible to do the stream on a plane?

Delta claims to have high speed Wi-Fi now that allows streaming. I’ve never tried it because I only need enough speed to do email and light Internet.