College Football Expanded Playoff 2022 edition

For fun let’s see how this would go. Based on this week’s CFP Rankings:

Game 1- 5. Michigan (Big Ten at large) vs 12. UCF (American champion) at Ann Arbor, Mi.
Game 2- 6. Tennessee (SEC at large) vs 11. Penn State (Big 10 at large) at Knoxville, Tenn.
Game 3- 7. LSU (SEC at large) vs 10. Utah (Pac-12 at large) at Baton Rouge, La.
Game 4- 8. Alabama (SEC at large) vs. 9. Clemson (ACC at large) at Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Round 2
Game 5- Game 1 winner vs. #4. USC (Pac-12 champion) I would say Utes but I am basing off rankings for now
at Rose Bowl
Game 6- Game 2 winner vs. #3. TCU (Big 12 champion) at Cotton Bowl
Game 7- Game 3 winner vs. #2. Ohio State (Big Ten champion) at Orange Bowl
Game 8- Game 4 winner vs #1. Georgia (SEC champion) at Sugar Bowl

Game 9- Game 5 winner vs Game 8 winner at Peach Bowl
Game 10- Game 6 winner vs Game 7 winner at Fiesta Bowl

Game 9 winner vs Game 10 winner at Sofi Stadium

Utah’s title path would be most likely:
Beat LSU in Baton Rouge
Beat Buckeyes in Miami
Beat TCU/Penn State or Tennessee in Tempe
Beat UGA in Los Angeles

I posted this in the Week 11 thread. A graphical representation of your post.

From Mandel:

Top four seeds (first-round byes):

1. Georgia (SEC champion)
2. Ohio State (Big Ten champion)
3. TCU (Big 12 champion)
4. USC (Pac-12 champion)

Under the CFP board’s approved model, the top four seeds will be reserved for the four highest-ranked conference champions. For our purposes, we’re designating each conference’s top-ranked team as its champion. That means No. 1 Georgia (SEC), No. 2 Ohio State (Big Ten), No. 4 TCU (Big 12) and No. 7 USC (Pac-12) would get a bye into the quarterfinals.

Nos. 5-12 seeds:

5. Michigan (at-large)
6. Tennessee (at-large)
7. LSU (at-large)
8. Alabama (at-large)
9. Clemson (ACC champion)
10. Utah (at-large)
11. Penn State (at-large)
12. UCF (AAC champion)

Under the same model, the six highest-ranked conference champions are guaranteed berths along with the six highest-ranked at-large teams. Were the season to end today, the fifth- and sixth-highest ranked conference champions would be No. 9 Clemson (ACC) and No. 20 UCF (AAC).

Joining them in the field would be the six highest-ranked remaining teams: No. 3 Michigan, No. 5 Tennessee, No. 6 LSU, No. 8 Alabama, No. 10 Utah and No. 11 Penn State.

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I’ve heard one hold up in starting this 12 team playoff earlier is that the top 4 teams get a bye but the 5-8 get an extra home game (revenue, marketing, etc.) while quarters, semis, and finals are bowls or neutral site games. Oh, and the Rose Bowl sticking to their guns to keep the 2pm Jan 1 spot no matter what.

I sort of have an issue with dropping Oregon for an 8-2 UCF. I get Oregon is 8-2 but it’s a better resume 8-2. I really think you do Top 12 ranked teams and give a bye to the top 4 teams. I think if I a school with a bye I shut up. There is a health advantage plus, you get to still practice.

I would propose they give seeds 5-8 home games in the first round, then top 4 seeds host the quarterfinals with just semis and final rotating among the big bowls.

But whatever way you do it, someone will feel they are getting short changed.

Allow the top 4 to opt out of bye week. See if the do it. Lol