Coach Ron McBride and Robert Johnson on The Extra Point

Hey Everyone!

We’re filming during a pep rally at the Ken Garff University Club in the SEZ this Friday and we will be joined by Ron McBride and Robert Johnson! We’re thrilled to have this opportunity and we’re proud of the success we have had. If you have any questions you would like us to ask, leave them here and we’ll do our best to fit them in!

Also, The University Club is growing and would love to have you as members! With a membership you are entitled to various events at the club, including watch parties, whiskey and wine tastings, pep rallies, great food, and of course, podcast viewings! We’re planning on filming the night before games and we expect to have many great guests on our show! Thanks for your support and GO UTES!

Not a question, but just tell Mac that we appreciate him. He is a big part of where we are today.



Many of the best Ute football memories I have were with Mac at the helm.

He revived a once proud but flailing program and set it up admirably for the continued success we’re all still enjoying.

And as I’ve said here before, he is a genuinely good, friendly, generous man; one of a kind.


Thank Mac for making Utah Football win again.

Ask RoJo what’s up next for him.


I stopped in to the office of the KGRZ when I walked down to get my WSU/UCLA tickets, and about died of sticker shock at the prices. Needless to say (what a ridiculous expression), a man on full Disability will never have the bucks to join THAT club!


I would ask Mac what he looks for in a player when he’s recruiting - what attributes, what kind of personality?

Rojo - if he was talking to a grade school full of kids, what advice would he give those kids on schoolwork, friends, what to stay away from, etc.