Coach Prime's New Ride

Thoughts and prayers for his penis.

Not sure I can picture Prime listening to Montgomery Gentry, or any other country artist.

And here I thought it was Prime’s foot that had to have had surgery. I suppose I was wrong based on that big assed vehicle.

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Certainly compensating for something there.

Probably spent more on that truck than some spent on their homes.

I get it.

This is a play to lure the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) staff and other environmentalists in the Boulder area into substantive discussions about not just football, but other topics of concern in our time.

Basically, this is a set up: he wants to mimic Mike Myers’s line in Wayne’s World when Alice Cooper tells him the correct pronunciation and meaning of the name Milwaukee:

“I was not aware of that…”


This totally fits in well in Boulder right next to Prius’, e-bikes, and Birkenstocks! :wink:

Hope he can find a gas … err, charging station

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I still think of that pronunciation every time I see Milwaukee spelled out, and sometimes when heard. Thank you for the chuckle.

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“We’re not worthy!!! We’re scum! We suck!” :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Coach Prime making waves in the profession. My cynical side thinks it’s fitting that his antics have landed Colorado a marquee first week of the season game on TV.

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Vegas set the over/under at 3.5 wins for the Buffs.

Given all the BS in Boulder, the under is starting to look good.


If the over/under is still at Colorado winning 3 1/2 games, take the under.


Ordering his players to engage in internecine warfare. I’m trying hard to think of a dumber thing I’ve ever seen a college coach–well, any coach–say.


Oh geez

(said in the voice of Jerry Lundegaard)


Prime Time is going to learn really quick that everyone has 4 and 5 star transfers on their teams.

What he did to Colorado is excessive, but not abnormal.

This isn’t a DIII league where you have more talent than anyone. Colorado is still one of the least talented teams. They turned everyone over. They are literally starting over from scratch.

Maybe Sanders is a great HC and will be fine.

I doubt it.


I watched the video from Deion, Jr this morning. His dad’s in team building mode, building the culture. The quip about everyone fighting was a little weird, but he’s trying to build a brotherhood mentality.

I’d be surprised if they had a lot of success, this year. The line play alone is not a Year 1 build.

(The fact that we’re talking about a true freshman possibly playing at RG is fairly unusual.)

Everything goes south fast if the LOS is a struggle. How Deion handles the PR part and managing fan expectations may be consequential. The hype is pretty intense over there. It will be interesting to watch.


When I played, if teammates were fighting, you went over and broke that ■■■■ up. People getting injured like that was a no go.

But that’s not what Deion did. He threw a fit because the team didn’t throw on one another.

I don’t know if he lasts the season doing stupid stuff like this.


That truck looks like something a 4 year old boy would design.