Coach Craig Smith's Contract with Utah

I obtained a copy of Coach Craig Smith’s Contract with the University of Utah and did a little write-up on the details. You can also download a copy of the contract at the bottom of the article. Enjoy.

Looks like he’s got at least another year, maybe two. He can do some things to cool off his seat a bit. Like recruit good players successfully, and get a consistent performance out of his players. The excuse that “every team in the conference plays poorly on the road” will wear thin quickly.



And the absolute dry-ice bomb to his seat would be if he (likely he and Burgess) stole away a certain returning missionary prospect from a proximate rival before next season.

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Also poach Dillon Jones from Weber State—Utes must be able to outbid the WebCats.

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Regardless, we gotta make big moves this offseason. It’s do or die for Smith.

I will say, I feel bad for CSmith in that the Worster and Exacte injuries really screwed us over. Had those guys played full healthy seasons, we’re dancing next week no doubt. (Let alone a full season with DSmith.)

I’ve heard some fans bemoan the unfilled scholarship. While I get it, it’s also not likely that spot would be filled with anyone who would have changed our lot at all. We had room for another stud and we didn’t get more studs. THAT’S the problem.

If it’s just a matter of filling a scholie, that’s easy. Filling it with a difference maker is what we’re missing.


Craig seems like a decent enough guy, he’s not a toxic personality, the players dial in, nobody blows him off.

He has a couple of players in the NBA from his time at Utah State - Queta and Sam Merrill.

Players in the portal want a fresh start, or money, or both. If Mick Cronin had a fall off in talent and Andy Enfield is on the hot seat…it’s not easy.

Need to find some funding and be patient at least the first part of next season, and hope to be performing in the middle by the end of the season.

Deivon’s role may be make-or-break. If he can help convince some talented guys to come aboard, we have a chance, to get another chance after next season.