Cloud Outages feel more common post Covid

Y’all are smarter than me. Thoughts on this article? It does seem many of the systems that use Cloud Based systems are going down more often. I know one of you works in this business and can explain if there is a solve for this crisis (not the climate the cloud based issue)

Listening to my wife lamenting the issues of cybersecurity and cyberattacks she is running into, and the cloud-based systems not having some of the redundancies they probably should have because…memory storage. It sort of reminds me of something my computer science teacher taught us back in the late 1970’s when some of us were lamenting the storage an operability of the Apple II plus - We were never going to have enough storage or operating capacity because when more comes available, we will find more to do with it.

Truer words were never said.


Oh yeah - agree. Seems like some apps or OS take up more memory than devices just several years ago had. I use a tablet/laptop that doesn’t have much internal storage which is fine since I usually just use to access stuff online (drive, email, etc.) but my mom complains that she can’t use that type of device anymore (and then I check her desktop and it’s full of saved files, ugh).

With big data centers, there are occasional outages, but usually not due to electricity (backup generators), but more due to attacks or having to re-route to backups/disaster recovery plans. But they have become ‘more’ secure than on-prem in many cases, even for regulated industries like the one I now work in (almost done with most data migration to cloud services). The cost is sometimes things have to be blocked/shut-down to ensure security when there is a threat, but disruption is better than leaks I guess.

I was working on a project and part of the considerations was cybersecurity and there was a guy (on our team) that kept saying, “if I were a bad guy, I’d …” - some of the stuff he brought up made me glad he was on our side (and we created solutions/processes to overcome most of the potential issues).

We generate SO much data. In 2022, we created 18 zettabytes (taking us to 97ZB). 2023, 23 zettabytes more. 2024 projection, 27. 2025, 34 (taking us to 181ZB). Z = 10^21; 1 billion terabytes. If you were counting by thousands (well, binary 1024 = 2^10) as the multiplier, it goes, kilo, mega, giga, tera, peta, exa, then zetta (2^20 mebi/mega, 2^30 gibi/giga, 2^40 tebi/tera, 2^50 pebi, 2^60 exbi, 2^70 zebi, etc.). Between 2022 and 2025, we will generate the same amount of data that was generated in ALL time before (at least digitally stored).


I love the thought of this. Thank you for sharing.

8 billion people on the planet…imagine if even half of that population was at an urban US / Western European standard of living…where does all their refuse, digital and physical, go?


The amount of transactions processed through the cloud per day is staggering.


And now…

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I’m brushing up on my abacus skills…



Just air gap your stuff. SSD’s with massive amounts of storage are cheap right now. :wink:



Uh oh.

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YouTube is working

I think it was briefly down because like you said…. Working for me.

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Facebook is still down as far as I can tell.

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This will not impact my life in any way :slight_smile:


FB may be back somewhat. I hear my wife in the other room ‘facetiming’ with our daughter.