Clocks will now run after 1st down in college football

Not sure how I feel about this. I kinda liked that teams could use that clock stoppage to their strategic advantage at the end of games.

It says that it will still stop for the final two minutes of each half.


I should probably read the article a little better. :joy:

Yet another potential change I read about earlier this year proposed that after an incomplete pass the clock would stop only until the ball was spotted for play then the clock would resume, but appears that change hasn’t yet been implemented.

All about ‘shortening the game’ so that they can put in more commercials breaks while the teams and those in the stands watch the guy in the corner holding up the countdown timer slowly ticking through several minutes.

I remember back when for the entire game (in pro and college), when the play went out of bounds, the clock stayed stopped until the snap and then rules changed (was quite a long time ago) and they started to restart the clock once the ball was spotted, and games lasted a shorter time than they do now.


You felt like you were under a time constraint because the clock was ticking.


Unless it actually reduces the amount of time it takes to play a game, it’s pretty useless. I tend to agree with @utefansince79, I don’t believe the games will get shorter. We will just have more commercial delays.

I need to open a coffin nail store and market directly to the NCAA.