Cleaning the Oven…

Have you ever forgotten for like several years to clean the oven, then decided to clean it using the self cleaning cycle?

My smoke alarms are going nuts, and airing the house out ain’t working very well.

Neighbor asked if we had called the fire department. Told them what was going on and now they won’t stop laughing.

Could be worse…could be killing my front yard grass again.

I have missed it for a few months, and man was the house all sorts of smoky.

If I wait too long, I use Simple Green to get some of the worst off. Rinse real good, then do self cleaning. If you don’t rinse, you’ll be coughing and feel like your lungs are burning, not fun.

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That happened to my wife while we were cleaning up an apartment of ours as we were getting it ready to rent again. At least that one could be salvaged. She had another one in a unit she owns that was so bad it couldn’t be cleaned and had to get a new range.

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Oh, this thread is actually about cleaning the oven and not a euphemism for something else.

I’ll see myself out…