Clay Helton Fired at SC

Breaking. Urban to SC rumors are coming in hot.

The thing about this firing is… why at the start of the season? What do they expect to happen this year now? They’re better off without him? If so, how did they not know this at the end of the past whatever seasons.

Amazing. This sort of stuff makes me wonder who in the world would take that job.


I’d take it.

On the list Thamel posted, I think about half would take it. They know at a minimum they will get big money. They know also that there is plenty of talent there. They could very well be the guy to resurrect the program to national prominence. The worst case scenario still bags them a boatload of cash for living in SoCal.

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Agreed. I guess they are just now realizing that they made big mistakes here and they may as well start correcting those now rather than later.

LSU fan thinking about Clay Helton


Maybe the better question is what amount of money will it take for an elite coach to go into a dumpster fire with fans expectations that are way out of whack of where they are?

Texas suffers from the same problem… a struggling program where every fan expects to be in championship contention yesterday.


Yeah, if they move for an elite coach (and, after 3 failures with non-elite coaches, how can they not?), they’ll have to pay up.

I’m not sure fan expectations at USC are too crazy. WIth their history and recruiting, they should be winning Pac-12 titles and should be in the playoff conversations most seasons.

Back-to-back-to-back head-scratching decisions at head coach has almost ruined that program, but I think they could bounce back quickly with the right hire.


Normally this happens right before we play them, so their players are jacked up to play for the new coach. At least now we aren’t the first opponent out of the gate.


Maybe that’s why Kyle is growing out his hair…


Just read an article on him this morning that questioned the huge contract extension they gave him when he really hadn’t done anything. Also included an obscene $23 million buyout per the article. They also blasted them for hiring unqualified Lynn Swann and Pat Hayden as AD’s.

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Guess Urban may want to play catch in LA.

The one question that hasn’t been asked, was he fired on the tarmac? Probably not since it is Monday, but we still have to wonder.


Oddly, Alabama has hired the last two fired non-interim coaches. Rehab them and sent them back out into the world. Clay can start packing now to head to Tuscaloosa.


They drove him out there to do it. As they pulled into the airport, he became suspicious that they weren’t actually going to lunch.


Kind of like taking the dog to the vet. “Wanna go for a ride boy!”


I don’t know why but the only time I go to In N Out is by the one at LAX. In-N-Out, always overrated.

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Where the decision making here shows an amazing lack of foresight is here. The powers that be had to have considered a “what if SC loses their first conference game” scenario. If it’s “we would fire Helton” then he should have been fired at the end of last season. On top of the last handful of firings, any prospective coach needs a really good attorney to negotiate this next deal. One that forced SC to do a much better job than it has done over the last decade. Really in my view every single administrative people involved in the last few hires, including board of directors need to be shown the door now.


Kalani to SC is soooo hot right now.


That would be hysterical.