Clarkston stays, Derrick's coming home

I don’t get the Favors move. League is moving away from bigs who can’t shoot. We draft a big backup Center and get Fav? Is he going to play the 4 instead of Bogdonovic? Doesn’t make sense to me based on who we drafted and the way the league is going.

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I don’t necessarily think Favors is a bad move, he was great for us when he was here, and the NBA was changing in the same way then.

What I truly don’t get is the drafting of someone who serves essentially the same exact purpose. The Jazz don’t need three bigs, none of which can shoot anywhere near the three point line.

In other words, I’m okay with favors, and I’m ok with the guy they drafted, but doing both of those things just seems stupid.

You never know how rookies will turn out. I think Utah really missed having Favors as Rudy’s backup. Our defense was much worse when the other centers played. With Favors the defense didn’t drop off much.

The Jazz will go as far as their stars take them. Favors is a dime a dozen role player. He’s fine, but he’s not like some essential missing piece.

The only thing I can think of is if Utah can’t agree on a price with Gobert.