Clapton, Hendrix, Spinal Tap: which is the best ever guitar solo?

Ocean by John Butler is very good.

His super-bowl performance was par excellence

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Ever notice how the “echoe” from the song Echoes plays for one beat in the beginning 20 seconds of “Fearless”?

I realize this was intended for rock/electric guitar solos so my contribution if probably way off track but I’ve always loved this slow acoustic solo

Don’t let the artist fool you, this has no vocals, just a couple of guitars.


I graduated during the Chuck Stobart and so it’s always been Randy Rhoads for me. I loved all the work he did on this track, but the solo is over the top good for me.

the correct answer is Jimmy page in a “whole lotta love”

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All the answers are right answers.

I was watching a Dire Straits concert on Youtube a few weeks ago. Watching Knopfler play was pretty great.


“I’m going home” by Ten Years After at Woodstock


Oh yeah!

Three things to start.

  1. You can argue until you’re blue in the face and never agree on which one is best.
  2. I agree with SheeeeUte (I never can remember how many e’s are in there) with Prince’s solo
  3. You knew that Newbomb would have the most obscure reference in the thread.

This was the first one that jumped to my mind. Don Felder playing the Hotel California guitar solo by himself at the Metropolitan Opera House.
Don Felder Hotel California


Duane Allman, Statesboro Blues ( At Fillmore East, 1971 )


I have that album.

We must be about the same age (no spring chicken!), based on your musical tastes, and the comment you made about attending the 2033 Wisconsin game :slight_smile:

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I’m 65


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23 myself.

I would have guessed 11.


It’s not the best from a technical standpoint by any means, but Kerry King’s solo in Slayer’s “Raining Blood” is one of my all-time favorites.

As is Vernon Reid’s in “Cult of Personality”. Both blew my mind as a wee lad.

My favorite guitarist…for the impatient, tune in at 4:29:

Halfway through this next one RT begins to burn…

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Fun list from Steve Hyden. Amazing how many great albums are on this.

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