Chris Burgess

Would we want him back as an assistant? It’s so ironic that he’s coaching at BYU now, years after he let 9 million Latter-day Saints down. But seriously, has he been too much tainted by his association with our sort-of rival? I guess if Larry wanted him and Chris wanted to coach at Utah he’d obviously be with the Utes. Maybe under a future Utah coach.

Wasn’t he here as an assistant (I seam to recall he was)? I’ll bet Larry would bring him back but I don’t know their relationship.

Yes, he was an undergrad assistant in 2013-2014 (finishing his degree, I think), then became an assistant at UVU. He followed Mark Pope to BYU in 2019. So that just looks like career progression. I have no idea if he is a good coach, but sentimentally I’d like to have him at the U. Why? Just because.


Burgess would let down 17 million Latter-day Saints today if he left BYU, nearly double the number he let down back in 1996.


I would want him. The fact Larry did not hire him means little. Larry would have had to fire a coach to hire him as a full-time assistant. I think it is better for guys to go somewhere like UVU and get some experience as a full-time assistant.

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