Chris Burgess daughter signed with Utah Volleyball

There is a write up on the official Ute site if people are interested in reading it.

Did this disappoint 9 million Mormons?


Beat me to it.

there is over 300 million people in the US. This is like dust in the wind. I really hate the bubble thinking - so weird

Someone doesn’t know Chris Burgess’ backstory


I know it… I’ve been around for a while. When Reid said that I did a big sigh. We all know byu is a mormon bubble. But for most of us in the US who are not - it just made the state of Utah seem “peculiar” - weird.
I don’t know if the state of Utah can every shed this heavy religious weight around it’s neck ( personally, I believe a lot of Ute fans like/need it) but it’s the the biggest draw back for most non mormon recruits.
This is an non “member,” outside of the state take.

Sidenote: I think both football and Bball teams have done a great job of inclusion ( and have created an island of sorts) but the overriding state culture will always be the MAIN drawback. It is what it is.

Hope the kid has a great experience here at Utah.

Utah? Fraud capital of our country? It’s going to stay peculiar fo a long time. haha

You’ve been beating this drum for decades on the various message boards who will tolerate you. We get it.

seems odd to me that byu didn’t have a spot for an employee/coaches daughter?

I suppose I have. " We get it" but rarely if ever do I get an honest answer…for many (most) local Ute fans It’s kinda like I want my cake and eat it too.

An honest answer for what? That the reputation of the LDS faith and hence Utah is a hinderance to recruiting? Yes, it is - this is obvious and not denied by anyone, not even mormons.

When it comes to vball, TDS usually has its pickins from the LDS population. TDS has really good middle-blockers who are 6’4"+.

It was a good get of a ‘legacy’ family. Seeing the next generation (Barton, Burgess) signing is great. Each kid is their own person and Utah VB has been great, so good get.

The joke was needed and perfectly clever for the situation. Esp. Since he’s now an asst to Pope after his Duke/Utah college career.

Your response is so defensive but so typical. Everyone is so cool until I bring up the 800 pound gorilla in the room. If UofU truly ( not just words) wants to move the needle, it will need to be much more inclusive. Outsider view, I think SLC/ Park City is on it’s way but outside of that…yikes.

My question is how many on this board really want change regarding recruiting? What will make that change?

There is no other state in the nation that dominates the religious culture like Utah - even the deepest recesses of the south cannot hold a candle to the 51% LDs in Utah ( SLC much lower) and it’s not just on Sunday… it’s 24/7. nothing compares, and it sucks for our national image and recruiting.

So it’s the same old same old, fighting it out with Byu for the Poly recruits…which now has become much more difficult. Why is the UofU connected to BYU? SO BORING. THINK BIGGER

I give kwhitt credit. Winning brings recruits who would normally run for the hills when mentioning Utah. If / when Utah is a losing program… it will be again recruiting mainly LDS players… and Utah will continue to be stuck in the same regional mud pile.

How do we change this!

I was just making a joke about the thing I remember most of Chris Burgess.

Yeah, any time Utah is in the national news, it’s usually not good. Not always about the LDS church too.

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Because they’re 2 D1 schools literally 1 county apart. One is a state school. One is a private religious school. They will always be connected.

You look the fool when you make a such a big deal about the realities of the local cultural dynamics and expect them to just go away. It’s a state school in a state where those dynamics exist. BTW, the only time I spent significant time in the state was school and yes, it was … different.

You’re making this thread about something bigger than the title ‘Chris Burgess daughter signed with Utah volleyball’. There aren’t any other VB recruiting posts. The joke was funny because it involved Chris Burgess. It doesn’t work for any other recruit, LDS or not. Recruited by Utah or BYU or not. It doesn’t work unless Burgess goes to Duke. It’s funnier because he left Duke and came to Utah. It makes it funnier because he’s coaching at BYU now. Oh well, if the joke has to be explained, it’s not funny anymore.

This whole thread has become a big :roll_eyes:


I’m trying to unravel your pretzel logic, but I have no idea the point you are trying to make?

  • is the state of Utah quirky? No doubt.

  • are there some different/weird religious aspects to our State? Definitely. nobody would argue otherwise.

  • are there also some amazing, beautiful and awesome things about living here (some directly due to the presence of that predominant religion)? Absolutely, there are.

of the 115 players on Utah’s roster, only 35 (30%) are from Utah.

Utah is doing about as well as they possibly can getting some of the best in state and out of state talent. Clearly, Utah has a recruiting ceiling. But IMO that ceiling is predicated on a variety of a other factors (primarily that there are at least 25 other college programs with a better brand than Utah).

If you want to raise that recruiting ceiling, the only way to do that is win the conference, appear in a Rose Bowl and entice kids that they want to be a part of that. Suddenly any quirkiness of the predominant culture as a hindrance to to sign here, magically goes away.


Yeah, everyone…stick to volleyball in this thread. When it comes to vball here, I’m definitely the king. :slight_smile:

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This is just a freak occurrence, cuz I don’t look at their board that often, but this may be part of the answer why Burgess, or perhaps any other LDS kid would chose NOT to go to BYU.

They are just plain creepy.

Previously I was told Coach Olmstead never got married and it surprised me. Now watching the game with my significant other, and she is informing me that several of the girls on the team are single. They are talented, BYU smarts, and beautiful girls. Anyone else surprised?

(I am happily not single and way too old (35 y/o), I am just surprised at how the YSA near me complain “There is no one to date”, “There are no pretty girls” or “Guys are immature”. Whenever I look at BYU sports though I always feel like the entire crowd and standards just to get into BYU makes me feel like there are tons of awesome people out there)

I included the text, because some of the weirder posts on that board sometimes mysteriously disappear. Rest assured there are other posts commenting on the eugenics of matching various BYU athletes to produce genetically superior offspring.