CFP Week 2

  1. Ohio State
  2. LSU
  3. Clemson
  4. Georgia
  5. Oregon
  6. Utah


  1. LSU
  2. Ohio State
  3. Clemson
  4. Alabama
  5. Georgia
  6. Oregon

One, Think Bama plummets.
Two, do we not think Minnesota an Unbeaten with a top 5 win isn’t Top 7

Penn St was obviously never a top 5. Minnesota required 2OT to beat Fresno St, a middling MWC team. Minnesota needed a last second TD to beat Georgia Southern. Enough said. Basically all but tOSU from the B1G should be downgraded severely.

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[quote=“BamaFanNKY, post:3, topic:1902”]
One, Think Bama plummets.[/quote]

Why? They lost a heated contest to the #2 team in the country.

I’m torn on how far Bama will drop. Part of me thinks it will be past us and Oregon, since the loss was at home.

However, their one loss is a “better” loss than any other team, and neither them, Oregon, or Utah have any signature wins. So you could argue their resume on paper is still stronger than us or Oregon.

Obviously? No… They were 4. Also, Minnesota has zero losses. Only two yes right now have that resume. Not saying they are top 4 but def deserve the slotting till they lose.

I think Bama will be ahead of us, and I think that’s fair for the reasons you stated.

I also wonder of Oklahoma passes us…that might be fair too. Neither team has a top 25 win (though maybe Texas’ win today gives OU one), and OU’s loss is to a ranked team. If they don’t pass us now, they will surely pass us after they beat Baylor in two weeks. We don’t have a shot at a quality win until we play Oregon.

We don’t have any wins worth talking about (like Clemson)

Down to LSU, OSU, Baylor, Minnesota, and Clemson. It’s still possible to have four unbeaten teams in the playoff.

Oklahoma’s loss was to Kansas St, who lost to Texas. So that kind of offsets Texas’s win strengthening.

For the computers, yes. But the committee regularly cites things like “# of top 25 wins”. If Texas breaks in, they will count it as a positive for the Sooners. It’s a dumb metric. The #25 team counts as much as the #5 team, and the #26 team counts for nothing.

If Utah & Oregon win out, the winner of the PAC CCG probably vaults Alabama.


Not my list but 247Sports prediction: Real-time: Updated Week 12 AP Top 25 rankings projection

9- Oklahoma
15-Notre Dame
24-Va Tech
25-Kansas State

I agree that’s probably how 1-6 will look. I think utah squeaks past Minnesota. 7-10 will be interesting.

May not matter. Oklahoma doesn’t look great against an unranked Iowa St at home. That close to losing.

Stupid ISU. Why do coaches insist on going for two in that situation? It never works. Kyle lost us a USC game a few years ago on that. Just take the overtime!

It probably makes sense under the old OT rules, but with the new rules too many ways to win in overtime.

I think Utah won the BYE week nicely, notwithstanding the nonsense thrown out there by the AP and Coaches polls. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s how I think (and hope) the top 10 will work out this week in the CFP rankings. (I know I wear red-colored glasses, but the red Kool-Aid was ever and always the best flavor.) I could see LSU being rewarded with the #1 spot for the arguably better win over #3 Alabama, but Ohio State completely clobbered Maryland, so their win was strong. Also, Ohio State seems pretty solid. So:

  1. Ohio State
  2. LSU
  3. Georgia (Blanking Mizzou is a decent win.)
  4. Clemson (Weak schedule continues to hurt them.)
  5. Oregon
  6. Utah
  7. Alabama (Ok, so this is unlikely, and common thinking probably puts Bama at #5 (if not #4), which would move Oregon and Utah down to 6 and 7. But I say Bama had no room for error, so they ought to fall to 5-7. Plus, I don’t think the committee wants three SEC teams floating around the top 4.)
  8. Minnesota (A nine-spot jump from previous #17 seems about right to me (and may be a little generous). They will have their chance to further prove that they belong in the conversation when they play Iowa and Wisconsin down the stretch. Plus, if Minnesota wins out, they will have the ultimate opportunity to prove themselves in the Big 10 championship game against (probably) Ohio State.)
  9. Oklahoma (No movement for a last-minute, one-point win over Iowa State. Oh, Iowa State, I was hoping!)
  10. Penn State (That was a big loss to Minnesota. Penn State will have a chance to improve its ranking down the stretch when it plays Ohio State and Michigan. If Penn State were to win out, it would have some great wins, including a win over the Big 10 West leader (currently Minnesota), and get in as a one-loss Big 10 champ. I think this would not be a good scenario for Utah, however, as it would also produce a one-loss, non-champion Ohio State that would still be a strong contender.)

There’s still a lot of football to be played, so these tea-leaf readings could be pretty far out there. Also, as I said, I’m pretty red.