CFC is a dream

one that isn’t very likely with SEC and east coast bias, but Roses are within our reach. GO UTES!!!

Ok…thanks I guess.

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I seem to recall a UW team with a similar resume and a 12-1 record finding their way in just a few years ago.

If Utah finishes the regular season 11-1 and beats Oregon in the P-12 Championship, who likely will be #4 or #5 at the time if they go 11-1 as well, I don’t see why they wouldn’t be in the conversation for a CFP berth.


I think Utah would definitely be in the conversation. And there is still time for some significant chaos among the top teams before the conference champions win their games.

The possibilities will become slightly more clear on Tuesday when the first CFP rankings come out. Whatever the case, it is amazing that our Utes are hovering around the edges after ten weeks of play. Go UTES!


This is conjecture, but I’d have to believe that while there are some in high places who have no problem putting two teams in the CFP from the same conference, there are plenty who are looking for any excuse to avoid that scenario. Yes, SEC football brings in a lot of eyeballs, but they have to be smart enough to know that it also has the potential to turn some fans off.

The way I see it (of course Oregon and Utah need to win out) a 12-1 Oregon gets in with the win over Utah putting them over the top. Either Oregon wins the PAC-12 championship game and goes to the CFP, sending Utah to the Rose - or Utah wins it and either goes to the CFP or the Rose. Pasadena as a “worst case” sure seems pretty good to me.


The SEC/ east coast bias thing got me thinking and wondering who is currently on the CFP selection committee. Much to my surprise, it appears that the chairman is Oregon AD Rob Mullens.

Note there is supposedly some type of recusal procedure in place.

I read three different articles this morning (out of state) that all had us in the discussion and as a “second four” team. I’ll take it. Nice to have us in the discussion. Personally, I’m hoping for the Rose Bowl.


Sometimes dreams come true.


Fun article.

What’s wrong with dreaming?


It’s fun to dream, but winning out in the regular season and beating Oregon in the P12 championship game is a tall order. I’ll start getting excited about the possibility after we’re 11-1. For now, I’m just worried about beating UCLA.


All we can do is keep winning at this point. If we win the PAC 12, we have a chance to get in on the 4th slot, assuming we don’t see this sea of undefeated teams still riding as undefeated at the top. We need them to swallow a loss between now and Selection Sunday.

In some ways we are closer now to a shot at winning the whole thing than we were back in the BCS days.


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Whoah!!! Two AF Utes???

As a fan, I’m going to dream big. Nothing at all wrong with that.

The way I see it: if we get in, I’ll be on cloud nine. If Oregon beats us and gets in, great for the conference and those roses will smell wonderful. If neither of us gets in, I think it helps prompt change to the system. Just like 2004 helped bring change to a flawed BCS system, not allowing a 12-1 PAC-12 champion to get that coveted 4th slot will hopefully bring change and increase the volume on the argument for an expanded playoff including conf champs.

As for now, I’m going to keep dreaming until Dec 6th and beyond.


Lots of good stuff here.

Kyle on the No. 8 CFP ranking: