CFB Teams that are undefeated against Alabama

Fun little piece I just stumbled across. Unsurprisingly, most teams on this list are 1-0, and many haven’t played the Tide in decades. Carlisle Indian School of course is long defunct (and if I’m not mistaken was also undefeated against Utah).

I had no clue about Rice being up 3-0 on Alabama. That’s pretty interesting.

@BamaFanNKY mentioned awhile back, iirc, that their loss to us in the Sugar Bowl spurred Bama onto the run that they’ve had for the last decade plus. Say what you will about Saban, he’s a hell of a coach, and knows how to build a staff.


The other thing surprising to me was that they had losses to schools like NIU and UCF not all that long ago… in the 2000’s. You’re right, it’s more the last decade-plus that they’ve consistently been world beaters.


I watched #3 preseason Alabama lose to UCLA in the Rose Bowl to open the season they ended with 3 wins. That was in this century. We were bad from 1995-2008. Y’all kicked our ass and we’ve peeled off what I would say is the greatest run in football history. I know we’re on the backend of this so I am just going to enjoy it.