CBS is doing the top 68 college basketball programs of all time

they ranked them based on (example):

Record since 1938-39: 1,224-891 | Regular-season titles: 16
NCAA Tournaments: 16 | Final Fours: 3
Weeks ranked: 133 | Top-60 NBA picks: 23

so far they’ve release #68-26 and no Utah yet. The top 25 come out tomorrow. I suspect Utah will be somewhere in the 20’s. These rankings are pretty silly, but its nice to see them recognize Utah’s history.

They did something similar to this 15 years ago and we came in #11.

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ended up Utah #16

all 4 Utah schools ended up in the top 68 (Weber, USU and the Lord’s University)

Looks about right, in my view. The program really hasn’t done much since Majerus, with a couple of NCAA runs. I wasn’t terribly surprised to see USU and BYU in the top 68, Weber surprised me.

I was happy to see the list and our program recognized. Now if only it would return to something resembling its history.

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Weber gets credit I think for its older history, its famous home court advantage at Wildcat Gym pre-1977 and the epic Neil McCarthy era.