CB Bronson Boyd enters the transfer portal

Not a surprise. He’s a JR, and on the latest 2-deep he was backing up an underclassman. I think we can expect to see more transfers like this since the coaches have to make room for next years recruiting class, and no one has their eligibility expire this year.

This is not ideal, as Boyd was one of the few in the young secondary with significant game experience.

Starting CBs are now Clark Phillips and JT Broughton, backed up by Faybian Marks and Caine Savage.

Also, the NCAA seems to be more transfer friendly than ever. I just read that Matt Van Komen was granted an excemption and won’t have to sit out a year. At this point, they really should say those who actually do have to sit out are the excemptions.

Of the true FR whose names aren’t Clark Phillips III, it appears the pecking order is Faybian Marks then Caine Savage.

Phillips is listed as the 2 behind Mata’ele at NB, so things could get interesting if CP3 has to move inside to NB.

Playing CB is about #1 - Athleticism, #2 - Technique, #3 - Attitude

Then you mix in more advanced stuff - blitzes from the edge and when we mix in zone.

In the olden days we could put a talented CB into man coverage and be successful 90% of the time if they were sticky in coverage. The QBs at that level were hesitant to throw into tight coverage.

The PAC is a completely different animal. These young CBs have to come up to speed fast (literally & figuratively) because staying in man all game doesn’t work, and most of the QBs can drop dimes to talented WRs who will test your emotional strength.

And we don’t have seasoned Safeties to help mask the inexperience, this year.