Cat fight

Watching Weber State vs Montana State…both teams have some girth. Joe Craven has some funny one-liners.

Going to OT.

Weber fell by 2 in double OT. Heartbreaking loss for the Wildcats as Montana State will now play 9-seed Northern Arizona in the final (who with a losing record will most certainly make a trip to Dayton for a first four play in game if they pull another upset tonight)…

Those Utah fans who attended the first 2 rounds of the 1998 tourney in Boise should remember NAU, a 15 seed, giving 2nd seed Cincinnati all they handle in the first round losing by just 3. Boise locals were very much pulling for NAU (also pulled for West Virginia in the 2nd round) as some of the Bearcat players made rather unflattering remarks about Boise before the games (similar to Sir Charles and Shaq remarking SLC is bland after All-Star Weekend)

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I’ve been to Cincinnati. The reality is: nobody from Ohio has the right to dump on any other location on Earth.


Yeah…I stayed up for it. In the 2nd half and OT, Weber couldn’t hit water falling from the boat. Really was pulling for the Wildcats.