Cardinal great Bob Gibson dies

I guess I am getting to that age (mid-60’s) when many of the athletes I watched, admired and tried to emulate are dying. Larry Wilson a few weeks ago and Bob Gibson yesterday. Gibson was a a great pitcher who pitched angry. I didn’t know until yesterday that he had vision problems that caused him to stare down hitters like he was going to drill them in the ear-hole.

As a young boy I got to see Gibson in his prime and I still marvel what he did. He was awesome. So intimidating and powerful.

His passing got me thinking about something. Baseball lowered the mound after 1967 primarily because of Gibson’s overwhelming performance. I can think of only one other player in any sport that was so dominant that they changed the field of play’s dimensions to give opponents a better chance. That would be Bill Russell and why the “key” is now the “lane” in basketball. In Russell’s case he also caused the creation of goaltending rules. Can anybody think of other players that were so dominant they changed the rules to let others have a prayer?


Sad day for Cardinal fans. Gibson was simply amazing!!! I can’t imagine everything he endured during his life and career. An amazing example of overcoming adversity and excelling at his craft.

My favorite player, ever, in any sport. RIP Gibby.

What I hadn’t seen mentioned in any of the news releases on Gibson’s death was that he also spent a brief time playing with the Harlem Globetrotters. The man was simply a superb athlete.


Bob Gibson was a total badass. A force from the mound that batters never liked facing. Off the field, he was a guy who gave back to the community. Big man - Big heart. RIP


you just didnt mess with Bob Gibson

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