Canzano with good content on PAC media situation

“I think it’s pretty clear by how long this thing’s taking that it’s not the same package [the PAC] has right now” - Bob Thompson former FOX Sports President

Canzano: Hate for Pac-12 Networks could turn to love (

  • Cable has dropped from 105 million subscriptions to 72, losing 2 million a quarter.
  • Thompson: “The Pac-12 Networks present a very viable option to be the producing entity for the package that ends up on the streamer.”
  • Canzano: “The core of the conference’s media rights are still likely bound for a traditional provider. But 36-or-so football games we normally see on the Pac-12 Networks and the rest of the conference’s Olympic-sports programming feel right for Amazon or Apple.”

My hunch is ESPN and FOX might not want the Amazon / Apple competition, which may boost the $$$, if they can add PAC-12 network to ESPN+ streaming.