Can the new and improved Jazz really compete in the west?

They have increased firepower, but is it enough to keep up with the vastly improved west?

The Jazz are definitely better - but so are the Lakers, Clippers and Rockets. Unfortunately the Western Conference is stacked. I hope they make it to the second round of the playoffs. Making it to the conference finals would be quite an accomplishment.

One thing is for sure, whoever wins the west is going to win it all.

That’s a bold prediction, Cotton.

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Kinda like this, only NBA-style

No way.

I think you need superstars to compete in the NBA playoffs. There are only a few counterexamples. The Jazz have a few all-star caliber players, but they don’t have superstars. My guess is that they are fine during the regular season, they win 50 games, and they lose in round 1 or 2 of the playoffs.

I think it boils done to injuries or lack thereof among the top teams in the West. Will Klay come back, when, and how healthy? What will happen with all of the other contenders?