Can’t watch the playoff games

It is ridiculous that a big percentage of the fan base can’t watch the playoff game tonight.

Yeah. Haven’t seen that in a while. I wonder why?

I can understand the terrible tv deal during the regular season. I would think the NBA would want as big an audience as possible for the playoffs.

The game is at Dallas, right? Were the Utah fans supposed to fly to Dallas and attend the game in person?

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The game is on ATTSN.

That said, the 4th Quarter fade is in effect now.

I believe the only way to get AT&T SN in Utah is on Xfinity and DirecTV. Anyone on Dish or who has cut the cord is out of luck when the games are on NBA TV.

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Our thoughts in our home to the letter last night. How does it make any sense for NBA-TV to block viewers in the SL market for an away game? Is it something to do with ATT’s deal? If so, more reason to support John Oliver in his continuing bashing of his former employer.



On the plus side of things, only getting Jazz games on Dish network when they have been on TNT or ESPN (with a game or two on ABC) has allowed me to miss about 18 or so blown second half double digit leads.

But they really need to fix that next season. (The TV deal that is. Of course figuring out how to avoid the late game Jazz collapses would be nice too.)