Can someone explain this to me?

Anthony Richardson was picked 4th by the Colts, why? I understand that the kid has a bulk oil freighter’s worth of talent, but he seemed rather erratic in his throws. Is there something I missed in watching this kid from afar last season?

Perhaps @RowdyReptile can give some insight.

Also congratulations to Dalton Kincaid going to the Bills, even if I wish that he had gone one pick later to my Cowboys. I think he’ll do just fine in the almost Great White North of Buffalo.

Richardson, like Tebow, is an impressive athlete. He does have better footwork and throwing mechanics than Tebow had. Richardson does have a scatter arm problem. Accuracy has been a big problem. Reading the post draft comments, some believe the Colts believe they can work with him to lock down the mechanics that will improve his accuracy. The Colts liked the fact Richardson had to be accounted for in the running game, too.

Will he do the work to become a franchise QB? Who knows.

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High risk, high reward. Talent and physical tools are there but running QBs have short shelf life in the NFL.

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Both you and @Greginslc make good observations. Guess time will tell if the Colts’ coaching staff can help with Richardson’s accuracy. I don’t have high hope for them, but what do I know?