Can some explain to me like i am five why is UCLA leaving the pac so important to Cal Berkley as far as funding is concerned

I keep hearing this and dont undersand why it is a thing

I’m not entirely sure I understand your question so if this doesn’t answer your question, please restate your question.

Cal and UCLA have the same Board of Regents. For the most part, the Board of Regents seem uninterested in sports. Usually, the Board lets each school do their own thing. However, Gavin Newsom has publicly expressed some concern over UCLA leaving the Pac. The Board may or may not care what Newsom thinks, but they aren’t completely immune to political pressures.

If the Board can be convinced that UCLA leaving is really bad for Berkeley, they might (but probably won’t) be convinced to block UCLA from leaving.

Berkeley almost certainly will be making less money once UCLA leaves. The TV contract will be less per school. Ticket revenue could also be reduced because UCLA came every other year, and was usually better attended.

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UC Berkeley has a lot of athletic construction projects financed by bonds, and the bond holders could get jilted if PAC schools lose money because the LA schools are leaving.

So Berkeley is making a stink because UCLA is leaving, potentially putting them in a bind with the bonds.

That’s one issue I read about - could be others.


Utelawyer and Maake thanks.

i thought there was some specific agreement for money sharing. It seemed weird.

They are two different campuses of the same University of California (UC),

The actions of one will likely have negative financial impact on the other. But is the few million per year be a big enough dent to one to offset the increase of the other, does it make a difference to the overall University of California. Especially when the academic side deals in the hundreds of millions? That is the question the UC Board of Regents has to address.

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