Can KW rally the troops?

It has been at least 5 years since the Utes were not fighting for a place in PAC 12 Championship going into the last couple games of the year. Can the coaches keep the players giving great effort these last two games? My bet is yes. Arizona will be tough and we will need a great effort to win.

My bet is yes, as well.

The motivational narrative was finding a way back to the championship game, because… last year proved you never know.

Now it’s a matter of going back to the foundation, the base culture - all the winter conditioning, spring ball, summer workouts, fall camp. We went toe-to-toe with a Top 10 team at their place.

It’s 53,000 people standing up at the end of the 3rd quarter with their cell phone lights on, yelling like crazy.

Play for each other, play for the team you’re a part of, honor the process, etc.

Players are competitors, they’re more resilient than a lot of us fans.

But make no mistake - Arizona wants to beat us. So, we better be seriously prepared. We left plays on the field yesterday. Don’t do it next Saturday, get this taste out of your mouth. Do NOT let Washington beat you twice!


There is still stuff to play for. Ending the season on a loss or a losing streak sucks.


Absolutely. Don’t need any of that “we didn’t want to be there” stuff.