Can anyone repost the rules for the Guess the Score contest?

I’ve done a little searching but can’t seem to find them.

  1. The guess closest to the actual score loses

There is always a tiebreaker that involves a flip of the coin, and I always lose :slight_smile:

I know you’re joking, but in case if anyone was wondering, I’ve always given both entries a prize in the case of a tie.

So to be clear, if the actual score was 35 - 7 then:

  1. Score 36 - 8 and 34 - 6 would be winners, and
  2. Score 36 - 6 is king of the losers because the differential is wrong, even though the absolute difference to the actual score is the same as the winners.

I was completely kidding and certainly not complaining - truth is, I’ve never been close enough to be in a tie; but I do love playing!

For UFN those two score picks would be considered a tie. If for some reason I have overlooked someone deserving to win let me know. One other rule is if someone picks the same score the first person to pick it wins.

You know at some point Newbomb’s 3-0 pick is gonna win.

That win might be this Saturday if the storms coming through stall.

That jerk stole the idea from me. And 2-0 will happen some day too.