Can anyone recommend a place that repairs vinyl fences?

I have a broken gate on our vinyl fence. The bottom piece has snapped in half so all the slats are falling out, one of the hinges is busted, and the latch fell apart.

I have now called six different companies (the top Google results) and not a single one of them has returned a call or message. Very annoying.

Any recommendations from the UFN hive mind?

That seems to be the norm these days with virtually any company.

That said, I don’t know a place that can help you. Good luck, hope someone returns your calls.

Have you tried Quality Vinyl? We have a fence issue and got a quote from them. We got a better deal with a bundle for another repair, but they also quoted and did a job for a neighbor and the neighbor is very satisfied.

My oldest son does marketing for a local construction company. When we had our fence damage we asked if they had a good fence sub they could recommend. His boss replied, “No. they all suck.”