Can anyone recommend a good mechanic for Audi Service?

My wife drives an Audi. We have had nothing but trouble with service from Strong Audi in SLC (over charged, service not being completed, car was sent home once after an oil change with no oil showing on the dipstick, etc). We started taking it to Alpine Foreign Repair on 9th south based upon a neighbors recommendation. On the second scheduled maintenance visit, they told us the turbo was going out and and the repair would be about $3500. I took it to Cutrubus in Layton, and they replaced a $56 valve and the turbo has been fine ever since.

We’ve been taking it to Cutrubus for the last couple of years, but they were sold sometime recently, and the last few visits have been less than stellar. Last week, we took it in to have a coolant leak fixed. After driving a few hundred miles, yesterday the check engine light came on (never happened before), so my wife made an appointment to take it back tomorrow, and this morning it won’t start (also never happened before).

It would make more sense that both of these new issues are somehow related to problems with the service as opposed to a complete coincidence. I’m not certain how this will all work out, but I refuse to continue to drive 50 miles round trip to Layton if the service is as bad as Strong or Alpine.

Any Audi owners on the board who have a recommendation?

(We will never buy an Audi again.)

I know the owners of a small independent shop ( I haven’t had a euro/audi in a few years but trust Mikey is fair and absolutely knowledgeable as a mechanic.

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When lived in Salt Lake and had an Audi, we used Alex’s Autohaus ( It has been over a dozen years since we had an Audi, let alone lived in Salt Lake, but we like their service. They weren’t cheap, but did good work.

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Thank you both, I’ll give each a shot!

I like the guys at Alpine at about 400 E 900 S. They originally broke off from Dave Strong Porsche, took care of my VW TDI for a couple of decades, now they mostly do Audi.

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Trade it in on a Toyota?

J/K, I have no idea.


Don’t have an Audi but we use Aposhians or Plowgians.

Or a Honda/Acura… This has been my thinking for the last year, but, so far my wife has not come around. Perhaps depending on how the current fiasco works out, she’ll be ready for one of those options :slight_smile:

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The Accord Hybrid I got in 2018 is an amazing car. I didn’t get all the bells and whistles, but averaging 41 mpg in a car that carries 4 adults comfortably doesn’t suck.