Camp notes - '23

Nice article in the Trib on the corners and who will replace Phillips.

Utes football planning to replace cornerback Clark Phillips III ‘by committee’ (

Basically Sharrif dodged the question and said “by committee” and then talked up Miles Battle.

“He’s the kind of person that’s in the room and says ‘You know, coach, if we thought about it like this’, and he drops a little nugget on you. I’m like ‘Alright, Miles, OK’. He’s like ‘You can do what you want, you’re the coach, but I would think this might work’.”

Whitt talked up Smith Snowden: “A very, very bright football player”.

The article doesn’t mention Vaughn or JT Broughton - new reporter - but Karene Reid said “I’m always blown away by them. I’m always trying to get work with them because they’re probably the most talented. They just have such raw talent”.


Given their size and speed, if they get their reactions and footwork down, we might see a resurgence of Pick Lake City again this fall.