Cam Rising

I calling it now - Cam Rising, before everything is said and done, will be one of the top players in the history of Utah football.

Beginning with his transfer from Texas to Utah, and his inability to win the staring job, there have been big questions about his value. Was he another failed player from another program, looking for a better option, or did he have significant potential?

In 2020, we learned literally nothing from his short time as a starter.

After the early turnaround this season, when the trajectory of the program went from way down to slightly up with Rising replacing Brewer, I began to believe that Rising might be the answer.

Tonight, when I saw him willing to take calculated risks, some of which failed miserably, only to recover, forgetting his own mistakes and then take chances with his body, jumping up from a tackle, seemingly thumbing his nose at much larger defenders, did I realize that this is a special athlete, a special football player, one who has that intangible quality that defines rare athletes.

I’m calling it now; this year will already be considered special, and either of the next two years may or may not turn out special, but Cam Rising will be considered GREAT at some point in his Ute career.

The kid is a gamer, no doubt. He has the size and the skills we haven’t seen in tandem since Alex Smith.

Hope he dismantles the B1G in the Rose Bowl and brings home the hardware.


After coming back from a difficult injury last year, and being far more effective in the run game than anyone thought, I think it’s OK to label Cam as a physical freak.

He just about out-ran the Oregon D to the endzone, while accelerating around defenders, with the FS (who had an angle) bumping him on the 5.

He needs to polish up his throw game a little, but I think Cam could be playing on Sundays.


He will definitely go down as an all-time Utah great. He just has the “IT” factor. Seems to just keep going, forgets his mistakes (but learns from them) and the team has responded to him. First Utah PAC12 Championship starting QB, how can he not be remembered? Definitely needs to continue to develop his passing skills but off to a good start!


Herbstreit really was higly complimentary of Rising during the broadcast. Herbie noted that Rising finds ways to get things done. It’s not always pretty, but Rising uses his athleticsm to help the team. Paraphrasing Herbie there.


Where he really separates himself from every quarterback we’ve had over the past twenty years is his confidence level. Huntley believed in his abilities, and Alex Smith was extremely comfortable in Urban Meyer’s scheme, but I don’t know if either had the sort of moxie and charisma that Rising Possesses. That, along with his skillset and athleticism make me believe he’ll be in national conversations next year for sure.

I also think Tavion Thomas will make some waves in college football next season. He seemed like the clear cut top dog amongst our running backs from day one. I’m guessing he wasn’t getting as many snaps early on due to his fumbling, but he appeared to be our number one out of the gate, and that’s saying something. Curry, Bernard, and Pledger are very capable backs (just hope they stick around).


I thought I read that he was leaving after this year? I can’t find it now, but I could swear I heard he was gone. That would suck, as I think he could tear it up next year. Look at what he did this year, even with sitting (fumbles) or being out for a couple games.

Where would he go? He’s likely not getting drafted just yet, or at least not going in the earlier rounds.


Yes there’s a good chance he’s gone. I’m sure the decision will hinge on where his draft grades come in.

Yeah, that’s what I’m guessing.

Someone was saying he’s likely a 5th rounder or so. He certainly could benefit from more work on blocking/picking up the blitz and maybe add receiving to his arsenal, but RBs have a short life and I think he has a kid, so might be thinking it’s time to make some money.

Tavion is gone. He and TJ (and Chris Curry) are all one ‘n done-ers. Next year it’s Micah Bernard (although he might be gone too), Ricky Parks and Jaylon Glover.

As for “moxie,” if Alex Smith coming back from a Theisman injury doesn’t pass your moxie test then nothing does. And yes, I know that’s NFL but he’s the same guy he always was.

Also, Rising is great.

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that time he spent in the booth with Andy Ludwig while hurt seems to have paid big dividends


Based on a conversation with his mother earlier this season, I could see Pledger coming back for another year.


He had that great stiff-arm, which knocked Sewell off his feet, and picked up another 10 yards.


“The Devils hand…”


Good point about Smith, but I guess I’m thinking more in terms of on the field displays of fiery attitude. Maybe moxie isn’t the best word.

How do you know this about the backs? Thomas is the only one who may get drafted, and seeing as how they’ve all got eligibility remaining it seems odd that they’d bail after one season (unless it was to transfer).


I was a little surprised to not see Tavion come out on Senior Day, same with Solo, who does graduate this month. (TT would benefit enormously from a full offseason of serious conditioning.)

There’s a few of those Jrs. who came out who will get TWO Senior Day sendoffs, me thinks. Good for them. Hopefully Pledger is one of those.


Solomon’s mom said he wasn’t walking because not all of the family could be there. Also although he graduates this month he’s undecided about his future yet. I could see him come back to be more of a go to receiver rather than mainly a down field blocker but we’ll see. He may test the waters for the draft.


Next year we won’t be so TE-heavy. Kuithe and Fotheringham are almost certainly gone, possibly Kinkaid, too.

It will be a different offense next year, so I think we’ll be able to offer our WRs (and transfers) an honest prediction we’ll be throwing more to the outside, especially with Rising’s arm.