Caleb Lohner's Switch from utah

I’ve been following the basketball conversations on this site for the last couple months and I keep seeing Caleb Lohner’s his name come up. You guys seem to think that there was something nefarious that took place to get Caleb to switch from Utah to BYU (maybe there was maybe there wasn’t I’m not here to argue that point). I’ve gleaned that you think BYU hired his dad. I’m pretty sure his parents still live in Texas and I’m curious as to what your thoughts are and where this rumor has come from.

My understanding is that his old man was hired to a company owned by a big byu-p supporter, thus allowing byu-p to appear clean. Doesn’t mean you have to move to Provo.

And I think you mean “from” Utah.


You’re right. I meant “from”

This makes much more sense to me. I can’t imagine the Board of Trustees allowing the University to do something like that.

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I can’t imagine anyone (in this situation) asking the board of trustees for permission…


What I am saying is the Board of Trustees would have an issue with the university itself offering a job to somebody in exchange for a recruit.

As for what you guys are suggesting took place, that’s correct, the Board of Trustees would not care one way or the other if a private individual offered a job to somebody.

Even if there wasn’t a hiring of the dad, BYU was obviously in contact with Lohner improperly. Nobody just up and asks to be released from their NLI to go to a school they’re not talking to.

Pope is a sleaze bag.


I know for a fact that kids do walk away from their National letter-of-intent and go to other schools on their own accord. Whether Mark Pope was in contact with him or not, I’m pretty sure none of us know. My son went through the recruiting process a couple years ago as a basketball recruit and he watched two of his would-be teammates walk away from their letter of intent & sign with another school.

It happens. I’m not saying it’s right but it does happen. Kids are looking for the best situation for themselves as possible.

A couple of months before the season started. Did those friends already know what team they were going to and that the team had a place on the roster for them? If so they didn’t leave on their own accord.

Sorry coug you guys can do some serious mind bending in justifying the misbehavior of your athletics department and teams but even that strains credulity.

Since you seem the gullible type, can I interest you in some essential oil that cures Covid?


It looks like you’re going to try and pull me down a rabbit hole and regress this conversation into personal attacks. I am comfortable in suggesting that the university and the athletic department are doing what they can to do the right thing.

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:joy: Thanks for the good conversation. I look forward to talking to you guys more in the future.

That makes one of you.


Just not with Lohner. The facts don’t match up he was tampered with. And not only did he leave but he left in short enough time there was zero chance in recruiting over him. He and BYU directly and purposefully harmed our program.

You expect people to be civil with you when you come to troll and the circumstances you are trolling about. You created the rabbit hole. Nobody here has talked about Lohner in a while. Don’t play victim.


One more thing - it is ADORABLE that you guys think BYU deserves the benefit of doubt with your history of cheating. How many wins did you have to vacate again?

Sorry, the evidence, the history of cheating and everything else points to one answer.