Cal Bear Legend and “The Toughest Chicano” has died

I’m bias since my friend wrote the piece but Joe Kapp was a legend for my Mom’s High School. Super Bowl QB and last coach to take Cal to the Rose Bowl.

Last QB to take Cal to the Rose Bowl - He didn’t make it as a coach (and stopped drinking Tequila because of it) RIP

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Ha. I was drinking Tequila this morning when I wrote “coach.” It’s wild Cal hasn’t been in the Rose Bowl since The Eisenhower administration.

I remember Kapp’s picture being on a box of Wheaties back in the day. It was a cereal my mom bought for us a lot.

My dad called him one of the most badass players to ever play football. Played QB…ran like a RB. Took big hits, got hurt, but kept right on playing. Tough as nails.


Sadly probably contributed to his Alzheimers.


Kapp was an excellent athlete but a dirt bag human being. I ran into him a few times at Grey Cup events over the years and what an ■■■■■■■! He would argue with fans and other CFL stars and was the complete opposite of many of the CFL greats over the years. Angelo Mosca (a true gentleman himself) should have broken his knee caps with his cane when he hit Kapp in 2011.

I mean, he offered him flowers and he told him to shove it up his ■■■. Sounds like Mosca was the dick:

Kapp has bad mouthed Mosca for years. Kapp is mad because he thinks Mosca tackled him with a late hit back in the day. Kapp is a world class ■■■■■■■ and Angelo was right to tell him to shove it up his ■■■. Kapp was trying to showboat there. Not many ex CFLers like Kapp anyway and having observed over the years how Kapp treats people it’s no wonder.

Edit to add: I have tons of stories of meeting Kapp personally and stories of others meeting him. He’s a complete jerk. Mosca invited a few of us fans to sit and chat in the hotel lobby during Grey Cup week while Kapp was telling people “Go to Hell” and “who are you looking at” when people were approaching for autographs.

I recognize that he was a great athlete but I shed no tears at his passing.

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I have others who loved Kapp so maybe it’s just a when and who you know thing. :man_shrugging: Also, dudes of that era always had chips on their shoulders. I also was raised around people who grew up with him so maybe it’s different with people he actually knew.