BYU/Utah vs B12 head-to-head football record

(TDS for those offended by the other acronym :wink:)

So I decided to do a little research to compare and contrast BYU and Utah’s record against the Big 12. Somebody here told me in another thread that BYU has a losing record against the Big 12. That person was absolutely right.

So I then wanted to see how Utah has fared over the years. It appears to me that BYU and Utah have played the B12 over the years fairly equally. The main outlier that I see is Colorado. Your boys have played Colorado pretty tough over the years and have a winning record against them.

Forgive me if my numbers are off. It’s most likely human error on my part.

BYU vs B12 head-to-head football record

Baylor 1-1
Iowa 0-0-1
Iowa State 0-4
Kansas 0-1
Kansas State 4-4
Texas 4-1
Texas Tech 0-1
Texas A & M 2-1
Oklahoma 2-0
Oklahoma State 0-2
TCU 5-6
West Virginia 0-1
Colorado 3-8-1
Missouri 1-1
Nebraska 1-0

Total: 23-31-2
Minus Colorado: 20-23-2

Utah vs B12 head-to-head football record

Baylor 0-0
Iowa 1-0
Iowa State 1-4
Kansas 2-2
Kansas State 0-0
Texas 0-2
Texas Tech 0-2
Texas A & M 1-2
Oklahoma 0-1
Oklahoma State 0-1
TCU 5-3
West Virginia 2-0
Colorado 32-30
Missouri 1-1
Nebraska 0-4

Total: 45-52
Minus Colorado: 23-22