BYU NIL Collective

Saw this article in the SLtrib about a BYU NIL Collective. I have not seen any information about a Utah related collective. Is there one? How about for other PAC12 schools?

I hope the U gets something going soon. I feel like we could fall behind if it doesn’t happen soon.

Utah already has something.

I went to the website and it appears that it really isn’t active.

I’m directly involved with 2 separate NIL efforts involving a collective at the U. You’ll see more info being released soon. I’m tempted to make a post here on a few ideas we’re kicking around. But let me make a quick question for fellow Ute fans: would you contribute additional funds to an organized collective that specifically uses the funds for NIL opportunities at the U? I’m not talking about huge sums, but would people be interested in contributing a few hundred bucks a year to help sponsor this effort, and in return get better access to the athlete?

Plus, FYI there are dozens upon dozens of NIL deals already in place, with more coming every day. They just aren’t the super high profile attention grabbing ones that the media is salivating over.


I would participate. Last summer I paid Nick Ford, Cole Fotheringham, Cam Riser, Chris Curry and Braedon Daniels to do a work session with a Ute Conference football team.


I’m curious, does this mean athletes participating in these collectives are only going to participate in events where they get paid? Will they be refusing to sign autographs or pose for pictures unless they get paid? It’s fine with me, I don’t hero worship these guys so I don’t seek them out, paid or unpaid…but I think it will be a shame if they don’t feel as free to associate with their fans without compensation…especially for kids.

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Ute fans enjoy the four seasons, we don’t hyperventilate during the spring and summer…

… but get these collectives organized and publicized, and we’ll definitely support the guys who represent our school.

Go Utes!!!

Just letting you guys know we (UFN) are currently putting together what I think will be a superior NIL model with the blessing of the athletic department.

We’ve got great athletes lined up, some sizable donors as well and a way for all of us here to contribute if you want. Best of all we’ll be getting some of the best content Utah Athletics has ever seen.

Stay tuned.


An update this morning from the U: